Israeli Leaders Say O Had ‘Jerusalem’ Added Back To Democratic Party Platform ‘For Votes’ – Ya Think?


Isn’t it ironic how the words of Jeremiah “Goddamn America” Wright have “come home to roost” for O? Think about it. Any other president since 1948- the birth of the modern state of Israel – might have been given the benefit of the doubt as it relates to the “accidental” exclusion of “Jerusalem” from the 2012 Democratic National Platform. But this president? Hell no – and rightly so. 

In addition to the purposeful omission of “God” from said platform, the deletion (from 2008) of the acknowledgment that Jerusalem is the rightful capital of Israel was not a “technical oversight,” as the pathological liar, Democratic National Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims. (Memo to loons: If you believe DWS’s nonsensical lie explanation, you are obviously smoking something on par with whatever Barry and the Choom Gang smoked back in the day.)

Someone who doesn’t believe the Democrats’ ridiculous explanation is Israel. From The Jerusalem Post:

The (latent) addition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital to the Democratic platform does not make up for the party’s original intentions, Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin said on Thursday:

“I have no doubt that [US President Barack] Obama put Jerusalem back in his party’s platform out of political and electoral considerations and because of the sharp criticism from Israel and the US.”

Democrats amended the party platform Wednesday afternoon to include language supporting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. (Much to the boos of the equally-offended secular “progressives” – who booed just at loudly over the (re)addition of “God” to the platform.)

The last-minute change came in the wake of mounting criticism from Democratic members of Congress incensed that the 2008 platform’s declaration backing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel had been removed from the 2012 text. Sources close to the platform-drafting process said Obama personally intervened on reinstating the Jerusalem language. The whole 2012 platform was originally adopted during the Democratic convention Tuesday night.

(Second memo to loons: If you don’t believe that O knew EXACTLY what was in the original draft of this platform – given the control-freak that he is – put down the bong.)

And, why did O “ntervene”? Because his panicked ass was being handed to him in the ensuing controversy – and he blinked.

Rivlin said that the DNC did not remove Jerusalem from the platform “by mistake or because of forgetfulness,” and the change was not a coincidence that can be explained away by not paying attention. (Rivlin: 1, O:0) He explained:

“This is a problematic sign, indicating the gradual reduction of the American government’s strategic commitment to Israel. The fact that the Democrats removed a united Jerusalem as Israel’s capital from their platform is more worrying than the argument over Iran.”

I’ll have plenty more to say about this car wreck in my post-convention wrap-up, but, isn’t it fun watching these hypocrites not only being exposed for what they are – but scurrying around trying to pretend they’re not? 

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18 replies

  1. .The whole thing. It’s like watching Starwars Cantina bar scene all over again (credit to another poster somewhere I’ve been).

  2. I completely agree with your entire analysis & assessment. The omission of God was not an oversight; we are all well aware by now of Obama-geddon’s ideological bent & radical ties, so this should come as no surprise to anyone. The dark & empty souls of the DemonRats &/or “Progressives” was exposed for all the world to see as they booed loudly over the addition of God, as well as the inclusion of Jerusalem as the acknowledged capital of Israel. It’s unfortunate again, that the lap dog media minions are continuing to provide cover for Obama by not fully vetting him. During this election cycle Romney/Ryan have to be aggressive both in articulating the Conservative message re: substantive issues & also exposing the radical ideology & alliances of Obama going all the way back to his teenage years. Why not? After all, information regarding Romney’s middle school years was considered relevant, so why should Obama’s association with self-proclaimed Communist Frank Marshall Davis as his mentor during those early formative years is certainly relevant to American voters.

    • It is somewhat satisfying, Elizabeth, to see the likes of Anderson Cooper and CNN questioning the “alternative universe” of these people. The only thing worse to the sock puppets of the liberal media than evil conservatives is being blatantly disrespected by disingenuous Democrats. They hate that.

  3. Many have been praying for Gods Light to show Truth throughout this entire rep and dem political process and to watch, is truly refreshing. Let’s just hope the American Jews are paying attention and care enough to not only help save this Nation, but maybe their homeland as well.

  4. I put down the bong after your second memo, Rat. He knew.


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