The Delusion Continues On Planet Obama: Regime Says Jobs Report Proves ‘Economy Is Continuing To Improve’


Just 96,000 jobs created in August. 368,000 people drop out of the work force. Male labor-participation rate hits 64-year low. 88.9 million people no longer in labor force. Bottom line? The Regime says “the economy is continuing to improve.” Wait – what? Disingenuous, delusional, or both? (Pick “B.”) Yes, America, in the wake of today’s disastrous jobs report, here’s how the Regime chose to spin it:

“While there is more work that remains to be done, today’s employment report provides further evidence that the U.S. economy is continuing to recover from the worst downturn since the Great Depression.”

Seriously? Has O replaced his entire economic team with Choom Gang members? On what planet do these people live? Oops- sorry – that would be Planet Obama. On all other planets in the universe, an unemployment rate above 8% 45 months in a row, record numbers of people on food stamps and SSDI every month, and crippling debt – accompanied by a 50% increase in the federal deficit in less than four years don’t exactly add up to “a continuing recovery.”

In his empty acceptance speech last night, all Jimmy Carter O could muster was an admonition for us to “be patient.” (Memo to O: Remember telling us in 2010 that if you didn’t get the job done in three years, you’d be a one-term president? Yeah, I know, Bubba reminded us how much more terrible everything was than you had anticipated- I’m just sayin’.)

In another ridiculous effort to suspend disbelief, O’s mouthpiece, Propaganda Minister Jay Carney blamed the anemic jobs report on – wait for it – the Republicans. Yep, here’s the little sock puppet’s excuse for the bad news:

Uh-huh, because everyone knows that increasing taxes on small business owners will create a booming job market the likes of which we’ve never seen, right Jay?

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Listen – I understand “spin” as well as anyone, but the tripe coming out of the Regime on a daily basis can only be explained one way: They think we’re stupid, America. Reason being, a plurality of Democratic voters either fall into the “less-than-informed” category or the “We know you’re lying and we’ll lie with you” group, and they assume we’re the same. Guess what, O? We’re not.

In less than four years, we’ve gone from O’s “Yes we can!” to Bubba Clinton’s “Nobody could have!”

November 6 can’t get here soon enough. 

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30 replies

  1. Obama-geddon is being either deliberately disingenuous (again) or deceiving himself. He does appear to believe that the American public is far too stupid &/or ignorant to figure out the truth. Let’s face it, there are some die hard leftist activists who will continue to sing their praises of the Big 0 until they wake up to reality on Nov 7, but others are beginning to finally acknowledge that things are not going swimmingly for anyone right now, with the exception of Obama’s minions, tools & useful idiots benefiting from the largesse & generosity of the regime–those would be the ones receiving special exemptions, terms & conditions not available to the average citizen. The Obama regime is bent on creating a 2 party system of the ruling class & those who serve them.

  2. And, truth be told, Elizabeth, these disingenuous people WANT a majority of Americans beholden to the government. It creates a permanent underclass of dutiful Democrat voters.

    • In that assertion, sir, you are absolutely correct. Obama & his minions seek to create a class dependent on govt entitlements & they welcome an influx of immigrants (illegal or otherwise) whom they can then indoctrinate into the ideology that embraces Big Govt, Big Labor & govt generosity to the detriment of us all. The leftists loathe prosperity & success & will continue to punish these values until most of the businesses simply pack up & leave, in search of a locale that will welcome the opportunities for employment. Heard an interesting comment today as a side note on this whole issue: It is income taxes, business taxes, sales tax, gasoline tax, fuel surcharge (for commercial drivers) road tariffs & fees, etc that have funded Big Govt, so one might well say that “Yes, we did build that!”

  3. More people can get work when this chump loses his job :)

  4. Rat, this ain’t spin, this is flat out lying, the spin stopped about the time Obamacare passed, unless you’re a DIMocrat, of course.

  5. Occurred to me earlier today that we’ve gone from O’s “Yes we can!” to Bubba Clinton’s “Nobody could have!” in little more than four years. Gotta love the Democrats.

    • OMG, man, that’s hilarious! And so very true…only DemonRats would not see the irony in that.

      • Yup. They also never see the blatant hypocrisy in themselves. Makes for great blogging content, though. ;-)

        • It does! Hypocrisy is inherent in the Dem/leftist viewpoint, as they focus incessantly on superficial characteristics like skin color over one’s character & then level charges of racism in order to stifle debate or silence dissent. But they don’t seem willing to acknowledge that what they’re practicing is itself a subtle form of racism!

          • Actually I have trouble considering lowering expectations for them subtle, it’s like telling them straight out that they are inferior.

          • neenergyobserver: Brilliant analysis on your part, as that is exactly what those on the left seem to believe of all “people of color”. They tell them that there is a need for govt assistance & that nothing can be achieved without the intervention of govt agencies or officials. These useful idiots (Dem voters) follow blindly along, never asking themselves, why with all this govt assistance, their lot in life never improves.

          • Well, I agree it’s brilliant but, not on my part, don’t remember where I picked it up, though.

            And yes, nothing ever gets better for them and soon we can’t afford it, and then what happens, I hope we figure out some kind of solution.

          • Without some kind of solution, we’ll become the next Greece, Spain or Italy with people rioting in the streets & throwing Molotov cocktails at authorities. Of course, the Occupiers here already engage in some of those activities, but that’s a story for another day. I see it as all part & parcel of this incremental “transformation” from the liberties, freedom & prosperity that were fostered in the principles on which this nation was premised. The left wishes to destroy all vestiges of those founding tenets, with no idea what to build in their place, except for slavish worship of Govt & obedience to Big Brother or a “Dear Leader” such as Obama.

  6. In the third world and mideast when one is “disappeared” it’s by mayhem and murder, blood shed. In our world the Dept. of Labor by high tech IT just “delete” four not looking for work for one newly employed and the four are “disappeared.” Where are they though? Stopped eating and breathing? Really now.

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