Regime ‘Evolves’ From ‘Spontaneous’ To ‘Self-Evident Act Of Terror’ Description Of Libya Attack: Liberal Media Response? Crickets


It only took the Regime nine days to admit the truth. The truth that everyone else on the planet already knew. The attack on the consulate in Benghazi was a terrorist attack.

But – in true O fashion – the Regime stubbornly tried to have it both ways – claiming that yes, it was a terrorist attack – but, it wasn’t pre-planned. Interesting concept. Complete bull crap, but interesting just the same.

The question I’ve yet to see asked – which is why I’m asking it – is this:

How could various apparatchiks of the Regime break their necks rushing to microphones to immediately proclaim the attack was “spontaneous” – and simultaneously claim they couldn’t comment on whether it was a terrorist attack until “the investigation” was complete?

Moreover, if they didn’t know if it was terrorist attack, how could they know it was spontaneous? They didn’t. They knew it was a terrorist attack in the immediate aftermath and chose to lie run with the “spontaneous” explanation – naively hoping against hope that the whole thing would just go away. Try as the Obama Media Group did to cover the Regime’s ass – it didn’t go away.

The reason the Regime tried to pull off The Big Lie, of course, was because it knew full well that an admission that the attack was indeed a pre-planned terrorist attack would open a whole nother can of worms: Why was the consulate left unprotected? Why was Ambassador Steven allowed to travel to the area – without security, no less? (The ex-SEALS killed were not a security detail for Stevens.) Why didn’t the Regime’s intel warn of the attack in advance? O told us the “war on terror” was over – more than a year ago – right? Tough questions. O doesn’t like tough questions.

Consider the arrogance of the Regime: Shortly after the attack, the Libyan government announced that it was indeed a pre-planned terrorist attack. But the Regime? No way. They trotted out UN Ambassador Susan Rice to the Sunday talk shows where she promptly made a complete fool of herself. The Poodle (Regime mouthpiece Jay Carney) strode to podium in the White House press room day after day and continued to pathetically cling to the “spontaneous” lie. Hell – even after the Regime finally admitted before a congressional inquiry that the attack was indeed a terrorist attack, O was on television – still pushing the Mohammad movie excuse. Arrogance, stupidity or desperation? (Pick “all of the above.”)

At any rate, “the most transparent administration in history” has finally been forced – if nothing else, out of embarrassment – to come clean – sort of. Many questions remain – and many answers are yet to come. Should make for great theater.

Can’t wait to watch the Regime twist in the wind.

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19 replies

  1. It is certainly transparent – transparently dishonest.

  2. There are consequenses to come with all this. Actually all this is/are the consequences of the Woodstock genre of make love not war who are in charge. Same as was there in the Bubba years. Fools rush in where angels/wise men fear to tread.

    • Not sure I agree with you on the Woodstock thing, unit – given that O isn’t old enough. Although, I’m sure dude and the rest of the Choom Gang wished they had been old enough to partake.

      Nope, I’ll chalk this one up to naivete and arrogance. This clown actually believes in his own magnificence – and the lies he tells. (Um, I believe that’s called “sociopathic,” huh?) O’s narcissism caused him to believe that “of course” the “liberated” Libyans will treat ME with respect; I have freed them from the yoke of Gaddafi. Besides, they already loved me!”

      • Still its make love (you love me, I love you, and you’ll love me more later) not war. War in this case is for the cause…taqiyya. Our nuances are similar. Panetta, Summers, Reich, Hillary and Bubba all hold overs.
        As for O…malevolence as well as naivete and arrogrance. Use any pawns to bring it on.
        P.S. unit had to look up meanings to those big words. Will never use acronyms again. Except NIGHT ! :)

        • Yep, don’t forget the “H” and “G” next time!

          • “G?” I thought it was don’t forget “T” along with H. OK…now i’m gone HT! HT…high technology, thats me. Obviously will not be forgettin’. See unit has short term memory as well as of the good ole days…that’s a good sign. :)

          • DAMN. The Rat messed up, unit. OF COURSE it was the “H” and “T” – am I slipping? ;-)

          • Naugh…we ain’t slip slidin’ away. Old song:
            “Whoah God only knows, God makes his plan
            The information’s unavailable to the mortal man
            We’re workin’ our jobs, collect our pay
            Believe we’re gliding down the highway, when in fact we’re slip sliding away.” Been that way a while. Click stop then refresh.
            It’ll be “Morning in America” again soon. I believe.

  3. Hello there, Rat.
    I live all the way down in New Zealand and even I read that the US administration were warned in advance about the muzzies plans to attack the US embassy. The question which really needs to be asked is ‘Why did they leave the embassy with no protection at all’ It seems to me that the big O actually wanted the carnage to happen.
    You guys are in all sorts of trouble if he wins the election this year. I sincerely hope for all your sakes that the democrats get kicked out on their sorry backsides.

    • Spoken like an American Republican! Wouldn’t go so far as to say he wanted it to happen, though; I think his arrogance and naivete are more the culprits.

      Thanks for your comment – I hope you’ll add more along the way! :-)

      Incidentally, I have a niece (American) who lives in New Zealand.

    • Hi New Zealand. See your dot on ClustrMap as recent poster. Thanks for input. Wish so many in states could see it the way you do…they would if MSM didn’t cover it up. Thanks for new media and Rat. Contribute more of what you see.

  4. While we worry about such mundane things as survival of the nation and the killing of warriors for freedom’s sake and our representatives around the world like Chris Stevens…the black caukeye has other thoughts…: “Black Caucus Chairman Admits Obama’s Blackness Trumps His Failed Record.” Check out at Conservative Black Chick. She ain’t too popular with that group.

  5. The Waking Giant just posted the youtube…Obama’s America 2116. First I’ve seen of it available on internet. How long will it be on?

  6. Been removed from youtube. You know what.

  7. Story NYTs today…Hillary suggests Al-Qaeda involved in attack. Times says “Her remarks added to the administration’s evolving and at times muddled explanation of what happened.”
    We have seen explanation how Obama “evolved” on definition of marriage. They seem to always be “evolving.” It may be evolution…but it seems that they practice creationism when explaining (spinning, lying) anything to the public.

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