‘We’re Supposed To Amend Our Values To Accommodate A Religion That Accommodates Nothing’


Every once in awhile, an article, speech or video comes along that is not only timely, but is so “spot on,” as the Brits say, it makes us say, “Yeah, dammit! Exactly!” The video in this post is one of those “every once in awhiles.” In the wake of the latest Muslim temper tantrum, British comedian and political commentator Pat Condell’s video hits the despicable Muslim nail square on its disgusting head. Not only are his comments incisive – their message is irrefutable – and foreboding as well. Here’s a sampling:

“Once again, we see thousands of Islamic nutcases take time out from beating their wives to show their sensitive sides – by smashing up the towns they live in – egged on by clerical ignoramuses who motives are even lower than the the literacy level of their followers.”

“We in the civilized world are being asked to censor ourselves out of respect for a religion that violates the human rights of half the people on the planet.”

“With Islam, it’s always a one-way street; we’ve learned that lesson the hard way.”

“The Turkish Prime Minister hilariously demands that ‘Islamophobia’ be made a ‘crime against humanity’ – when given the evidence, there’s a much stronger case for making Islam a crime against humanity.”

“When Muslims start showing the same level of outrage about things that are genuinely offensive – like the thousands of women and girls who are murdered and mutilated and raped every year in their countries, then we might take them a bit more seriously.”

“Twenty years of baseless grievance-mongering and knee-jerk offense have shown us this religion for what it really is – and now we don’t like it, we don’t trust it and we are never going to respect it.”

Watch the entire video; you’ll be even angrier at these jackasses than you already are.

We live in a world in desperate need of politicians and a media who not only believe as Pat Condell does – but have the courage to draw a line in the sand and stand up and say: “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!” (to borrow a line from the movie, Network).

Unlike our present administration, we must be prepared to follow those words with action vs. more and more pandering – which is far more responsible for the current round of disgusting behavior in the Muslim world than is the Mohammad film.

The tragic reality is this: Far more Neville Chamberlains exist in our governments and media than do Pat Condells; far more people who – out of fear, naivete or worse – rationalize to themselves – and the world: “If we just show them tolerance; if we just don’t incite them – maybe they’ll leave us alone.”

How’d that work out for Neville Chamberlain, Great Britain – and the world? We’re moving from tragedy to catastrophe – at a rapid pace. Maybe the tantrum will subside for awhile, but when it returns? It’s always worse.

The toothpaste has been out of the tube for a long time, and while we can’t put it back – we can clean it up the mess and destroy the tube. Sooner or later, it will be our only choice.

If we fail to make that choice, as was the case with Chamberlain, Great Britain and the rest of the world – we will ask ourselves: “Why didn’t we stop them sooner?”

And the hell of it? Islam has shown its cards far more than did Adolph Hitler.

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  1. Pat Condell appears to be a bit older than Theo van Gogh was when he was murdered by peaceloving Mohammed Bouyeri. Although his days are now numbered and likely few, I’ll remember Pat as a hero. I’ll copy the video to disc and store it safely under my Berreta 380.

    • A hero indeed, unit. Save a copy for me.


      • Christian for all nations, amen…and amen. Look I give this back to your comment. “The think here” ain’t nothing about some license to kill, rape, sodomize, molest, drag in any street, throw acid in girls face, cut off their clits called circumcision, and generally tell women you will fill the pit of hell in the afterlife. Their “fake god” with little g…ain’t my God. “Why we let”…well… what can you or I do about it? Leftist, liberal, progressive ones fear them, even though they will be first to have slit throat…and us, christians won’t…we pray for them…not kill. They not afraid of prayer because they will not avail themselves to that as it will not kill them in this life. I say leftist, but our Rinos and hand in hand with them. No immediate answer and maybe never, but start with vote on Nov 6. Don’t sit on the hands that will be cut off later if we don’t. The great commission was about sharing not conquering physically this world…cast not your pearls to the swine. Muslims hate swine cause they are them. They should say like Pogo…”we met the enemy and he is us.”

  2. Like Condell say and we already know how Muslim women and girls are treated in the present life. I read Ayaan Ali Hirsi’s book several years ago and of course just have to watch the men’s behavior.

    Don’t know what took me so long to wonder this, but recently did. What is promised to women in the afterlife by this bunch? If I said it…it would be called a lie by the taqiyyah espousing ones. But here is one reference I found : “I (Mohammed) have seen that the majority of the dwellers of Hell-Fire were women…[because] they are ungrateful to their husbands and they are deficient in intelligence” (Sahih Bukhari: 2:18:161; 7:62:125, 1:6:301). Maybe that’s ok with them as other info I found promise men in the afterlife…prepetual erections. They better hope Nadal Hasan makes it there…you know call your doctor after 4 hours.

  3. Excellent post, Rat, and may I just say … Pat Condell for Prime Minister!

    I also think you do Neville Chamberlain a great disservice by comparing the current lot of panderers and surrenderers with him. Chamberlain, at least, sent the British Expeditionary Force into Europe (while at the same time talking with the NAZI regime).

    No, I think our current crop of “leaders” have much more in common with Vidkun Quisling or with Vichy than with Chamberlain. Chamberlain was merely a man out of his depth, who couldn’t bring himself to believe the incredible evil of the NAZI. Quisling and Vichy actively embraced the evil.

    • Thanks, GG. Point well made on Quisling and Vichy vs. Chamberlain. I went with poor old Neville because I thought more people would be familiar with him and his “infamy,” whether it is rightly deserved, or not.

      Stop back by.

  4. I like your analogy with Chamberlain. Appeasement rarely works, at any level. I hope that the world smartens up to accept the facts and draws the line with placating Islam before it is too late. Personally, I feel that liberals fuel the fire by supporting the Muslim extremists. The Main Stream Media has pandered to Islam for decades. The truth should be evident. From the 7TH Century, the Muslim goal was world domination and en-slavery of us Infidels. Until we finally accept their mission, we will continue to lose ground in this fight. The problem is, Christians do not bond together the same as Muslims. If we did, this problem would end.

    • Funny – the Left’s placation of Islam, isn’t it? Liberals talk about the Republican “war on women,” yet turn a blind eye to the brutal abuse of women and girls by their Muslim husbands and fathers.

      Then again, the hypocrisy of liberalism knows no bounds.

    • In some places, Irish, I fear it already is too late. I believe England and France, for example, to be lost (despite the rear-guard action being fought in England by the patriots of the EDL). Here in the antipodes, I believe we would do well to prepare ourselves for an influx of ANglo- and Euro-refugees!

  5. I’m a Pat Condell groupie. This guy is so eloquent in his bashing of ideologies. I think I’ve watched every single one of his rants — keep em comin’ Pat!

  6. I admire Condell’s honest, frank talk. He has intestinal fortitude (****s) as well. He has got to know that his statements will make him a target. In England, the average bloke cannot own a gun to defend themselves. I think a lot of people share his dislike for radical Islam’s influence actions. Folks are afraid to speak out, as some fanatic will take a shot at them, or burn their house down. I refuse to believe that they outnumber us. Perhaps Condell can motivate others to say “We’ve had enough”!

    • From what I can gather in talking with a few Brits about it, a majority of the population see the problem (although I think they’re still in a bit of denial over its seriousness), blame the government – but think the British press will somehow hold the government accountable and cause it to stop the madness.

      If this truly is the case, our friends are not going to wake up until it’s too late.


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