O To Defense Contractors: Hey, I Need You To Break Federal Law And Hold Off Issuing Those Layoff Warnings Until After The Election, Okay?


I’m not sure if Nixon would have been proud – or jealous – of this guy

Should we be surprised? Of course not; Barack Obama makes Richard Nixon look like a rank amateur. I mean, hell – not only does O have more scandals under his belt than Michael Moore has chins, let’s not forget that the current occupant of the White House views existing laws as mere “suggestions” – to be followed – or not – depending on whether they get in the way of his policies and objectives.

Speaking of which, objective numero uno (a little Spanish lingo there for O’s Hispanic groupies) right now is O’s reelection.

So, when several defense contractors made it clear last week that they would be required by federal law to send out layoff notices to thousands of workers due to automatic budget cuts set to take affect in January, the Regime panicked and did what any regime worth its weight in total disregard for the Congress, the Constitution and federal law would do: It asked the companies to violate the law and delay the announcements – until after the election. More astonishing, the Regime promised to pay any fines or penalties that might be leveled against the companies for violating federal law. Let’s revisit that to make sure it sinks in:

The Regime asked defense contractors to violate federal law – for political purposes – and promised to pay any fines or penalties they may incur as a result – with taxpayer money. 

As “luck” would have it, Lockheed Martin announced yesterday that it had struck a “deal” with the Regime, and would not send out the legally-required layoff notices. How so? The Regime, it said, had “interpreted” the law and found it would be “inappropriate” to send out the layoff notices. (Imagine, if you will, the histrionic calls for impeachment we would have heard were Halliburton to have struck a similar “deal” with the Bush Administration.)

The federal legislation requiring the layoff notices – the WARN Act – was passed in 1988 by a veto-proof Democrat Congress, which allowed it to become law without President Reagan’s signature.

Democrats have viewed the Act as an important worker-protection safeguard for 24 years – until it threatened to adversely effect O’s poll numbers, that is.

As I said, O has ignored Congress, the Constitution and pesky laws in the past – for far less critical reasons. In his mind, anyway. 

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3 replies

  1. So Lindsey Graham says ” that he will do anything he can to block…” Yeah, he will. He’ll sell you his condo at an oasis in the Sahara desert too. Just before recess Senate voted 81yea to 10 nay to continue billions in aid to Muslim countries, after Benghazi. He was a nay, but not much arm twisting of probably about 30 republicans who had to vote yea to get that 81.
    Anyway on recess so Graham wants us to hold our breathe til after election. Think we be on life support?

    • Lindsey Graham and John McCain are the two best Republicans to happen to the Regime. But, hey – they slide into their RINO suits every once in awhile – just to keep real Republicans guessing.

      • I guess we need all the help we can get, even RINOs. You think it’s that bad? OK, certainly have respect for McCain, was in Navy when he was Navy and he in POW camp. But time to quit sliding back and forth and ask why doing that? America First has come in second to NWO and some brotherhood, Chicago or Mideast? No way here. But excuse for Graham is his ObamaPhone kept dialing Beyonce, then Jay Z, then got buzzzzzzzzzz. Otherwise he will do all in his power to stop lawbreaking and desolution of our Constitution and nation. If he can get the right connections.

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