Race-Baiting, Fear-Mongering Obama Heaps Praise On Jeremiah Wright, Says Federal Government Doesn’t Care About Blacks


My initial reaction to the video released yesterday by The Daily Caller (which had previously not been made public in its entirety) was more in response to how Obama said what he said. The faux “accent” then-senator Barack Hussein Obama feigned as he spoke to a black audience in 2007 was ludicrous. Was the speech divisive? Yes, it was. Race-baiting? You bet. Hypocritical and disingenuous? Of course.

But we’d seen those things – and come to expect them from the community organizer over the last four years. What we hadn’t seen – until yesterday – was the absurd patronizing “black voice” act he obviously believed would make his little racially-motivated sermon even more effective among the brothas and sistas.

Attempting to put on a faux black accent is nothing new in Democrat politics, mind you: Bill and Hillary, Gore and Biden are the most hysterical at it. But to see an “articulate” “educated” (Harry Reid and Joe Biden’s descriptives of O, not mine) black man trying his best to sound black is just downright bizarre.

Then – what he said sank in.

In a nutshell, the Al-Sharpton wannabe not only praised Jeremiah “Goddamn America” Wright – he gushed over him. He said the government didn’t need to build any more highways in the suburbs – but that businesses should be built in “our” neighborhoods. Oh, and then there was that little lie about the federal government not issuing the same fund-matching waiver to Katrina-torn regions (because they’re predominantly black, of course) that it had issued to New York following 9/11: It did.

Think about it, America: this guy is the President of the United States. He’s also an opportunistic hypocritical liar.

Not only did the Democratic National Convention go into full panic-mode – hysterically “presponding” to the video before it was even released, but as to be expected, O’s lapdogs in the liberal media went DEFCON 1 as well.

On cue, MSNBC Moonbat Rachel Maddow decried the release of the video as – wait for it – racist. Never mind O’s pretend ebonics and blatant attempt to pit blacks against whites – and the government as well, right Rache? Nooo, conservatives who simply make O’s comments public are the real racists, right?

Of course, the Obama Media Group’s collective panties-wetting hysteria over Romney’s “secret” “47-percenters” video was a national scandal – sure to dash Mitt’s candidacy – in the eyes of the sycophantic sock puppets for a couple of weeks; but O’s racially-charged rant and glowing praise of his beloved pastor, who said of 9/11: “America’s chickens are coming home to roost!”?

Nothing to see here, folks, move along. Just desperate Republicans trying to undermine Chicago Jesus.

You can watch the entire 40-minute video here.

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  1. The presidential race has become far too divisive, confusing and misleading—ON BOTH SIDES. The danger here is that many good, common sense Americans, Americans who are just trying to sort things out trying to make an informed decision on what’s right for the country, are becoming frustrated to the point that they are “opting out” of this election entirely. They feel like they can’t make a difference—they can’t cut through all the BS. The point is, a voter must get the facts (impossible these days), make an informed decision and then make his or her vote count. The presidential election is only one race. There are so many other offices locally and statewide that are more important than ever for all of us. It is my hope that all this hateful presidential rhetoric does not turn off these voters to the point that they don’t go to the polls at all. That would be the real tragedy. It’s still our country, RAT. We need to take it back.

    • There is no disputing the two different messages shown in the first video in the article. Remember, this is the guy who said, “There are no red states; there are no blue states.” This is the guy who was going to “reach across the aisle.” And, what has he done for four years?

      And, as is often my point, the bias in the media when it comes to protecting O and going after Romney is as ominous for America as is the Regime itself.

      You’re right, Mick; we need to take our country back. Hell – we’re accused of racism when we say that too.

  2. I remember seeing and hearing this. I guess on internet as surely MSM didn’t report. Biden described O a little further. Quote…“I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy,” he said. “I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” I think said after Biden was announced as running mate. Its still in a few places on internet, not MSM. But I guess J. Jackson’s open mic comment about O isn’t either…”I’d like to cut his (O’s) nuts off.” Don’t know the chronology of J. Jackson remark, after nomination or while still running.

    Clean and no chains.

    • This is the first time the entire video has been made public. The majority of the coverage in ’07 was based on the speech transcript – vs. the supposed “off the cuff comments” we see in the new video.

      • Sorry… I guess I was a little off point. I was only referring to Biden’s discription back then. Conservative use the same language to discribe O then or now? We would have seen drones used, and kill lists even sooner. :)

        • Got it. Speaking of “off point,” I understand that there are a couple of favorable job reports coming out later today. “Great.” ;-)

          • What I heard already…4000 manufacturing…10000 construction (surburbs huh?…not likely O’s slums) rest of the 162000…what they call “service.” That include service jobs in Reid’s Nevada area? Seeing more service jobs on the streets in my area. That will increase law and STD treatment needs. Whooope! Bigger gov.

          • Unit, you must always remember that the Obama Media Group spins and plays to a “less-than-informed” crowd. Were the old saying, “Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups” not true, Romney would be up by double digits.

          • Could you transmit that group stupidity message out on all the ObamaPhones? As a public “service” message, of course.

          • It would probably have to be in the form of an app – which O-Phone “owners” would find completely bewildering to download. WAY over their heads, I’m afraid. ;-)

          • Your right. Too complex. Needs to be like Jack in the Box (not hamburger joint) aunt gave me at least 60 years ago…hold the box..look down at it…push the button…POW. And then it was made in the USA. Early Japan stuff was too crude plus Americans then would not buy. But then you could buy American easy enough.

  3. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:

    Talk about a double standard! If Mitt made statements like this, or any white guy for that matter, there would be an explosion in the media.

    • Exactly, Hillbilly. Imagine Mitt talking about “our neighborhoods” in ANY context. The meltdown in the Obama Media Group would be unprecedented.

      • All this crap that Obama has said and done over the years is buried, but Mitt and his tax returns are all ya hear from the “media.” The lack of skeletons in Mitt’s closet should tell everybody a lot about his character…….

        • Ah, but the Obamabots couldn’t care less. The takers are overtaking us, Hillbilly.

          • The Botsies don’t get the fact that the end game is complete control of “all” of our lives and the choices whe have to choose from! Like the Jew’s that helped load fellow Jews onto the transportation trains, all the while telling them it wil be “OK”!

          • In their narrow little minds, they see the “end game” as complete redistribution of wealth – where the “injustices” of America are finally “righted.” Where the riches of the successful are redistributed to those who were “abused” and “taken advantage of” by the heartless “1%.” These are heady days for those who refuse to take care of themselves; they finally see “justice.” They will only realize they were wrong when it’s too late. Pathetic, isn’t it?

          • It is amazing that all of the “1%” appear to be white folks:)

        • Keep on thinking…”They will only realize they were wrong when it’s too late.” A person doesn’t realize anything when a persons head is chopped off…Rwanda or under Islam. Uh-Oh…my head is chopped off. Durn it! Better realize before that.

        • Halluljah Hillbilly ! Youse the first poster to say what poor Ambassador was all these years…pictures standing by Hillary and all. Liberal. Think what liberal women of west have to look forward to. Buried in sand up to neck with however many thrown stones it takes to bruise, crush, suffocate.

          • And this hard core conservative is more pissed off at this poor man’s death than any of his “fellow” liberals. I don’t care what color of skin he had, sexual orentation,religous beliefs, poor bastard was murdered by goat butt-plugging islamic throw backs!

          • I know Hillbilly and I totally agree. But still it needed to be related. It is atrocious…liberal or conservative. But the liberal attitude brought it on the poor fellow, and no support from O or the one who said she would answer the phone at 3 a.m.
            And all we hear is Rice step down?

  4. It is hard to figure out. MSM response and all…still…Been a big day. Debates last night and all. Lots of folks visited to see Rat’s thoughts. Cat gots Rat’s tongue? There is something up O’s sleeve…Soros will pull out…O’s mind on what is his October surprise…see plans to bomb Libya. Invalidate imporrtance of debates. Obama the Gladiator. Well we will see. Watch. Anyway all preplanned on your insurance card. All to throw off economic situation.

  5. Really all’s well. Got two straight index fingers and a long tooth to peck out message. But still glad meds are working, good to be able to grip and slid to cock Beretta 380 again. :)

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