The Emperor Defrocked: Liberals Melt Down After Mitt Cleans O’s Clock


The Rat was a bit under the weather today, but he finally dragged himself to the computer to share a few thoughts on last night’s beat-down. Let’s begin by stating the obvious: Barack Hussein Obama looked like a distressed infant desperately missing his “passy”, “blanky” – or both. (Think: Teleprompter.)

The emperor was finally – and  thoroughly – exposed – to be naked. Time and time again, as the community organizer didn’t have the balls to look Mitt in the eye as he was being called out – like no one in the lapdog media has done to him for more than six years – O stared painfully at his lectern with a nervous smile on his face, or looked plaintively at moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS, as if to beg: “Jim – can you get me out of this one?” I damn near felt sorry for Dude. Notice, I said “damn near.”

Yes, America, Romney handed O his ass last night. Incidentally, I thought Mitt’s best line of the debate was this:

You’re entitled, Mr. President, as the president, to your own airplane and your own house, but not to your own facts.”

Try as they might, the liberal media and O’s sycophants can’t put lipstick on this pig. But damn, they’re trying hard as hell, aren’t they? From the preposterous claim that O didn’t want to come off as an “angry black man” to Al Gore’s moonbeam hypothesis that somehow, the “altitude” in Denver (leave it to nimrod Gore to insert the environment into the whole thing) affected O’s performance – it just doesn’t get any better. Unless – of course – you throw in Mitt kicking O’s ass in November. Again.

Oh, and one more thing: To those of you who think O is going to come storming back in the next debate? Uh-huh. It’s going to be about FOREIGN POLICY.

I’m sure the family of Ambassador Stevens – and al Qaeda – will be watching.

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25 replies

  1. All well said and done. But will O redefine foreign policy before next debate? Was he absent last night like intelligence briefings? Was he voting present like in legislature? Some big thing a ma a jig coming as far as retaliation to Libya…likely on O’s mind last night…figures debates really are a waste of time when we got a crisis to consider. Wait and see.

    • Unit – O can’t “redefine” what happened in Libya, the “Arab Spring,” – and what’s happening in Iran.

      • OK. Guess redefine wasn’t right word. Maybe “ignore” like law and Constitution? But he gonna do something…or Jarrett and other handlers will in his exhalted name. New jobs reports just a teaser to see if that will appease. Will send drones after us if necessary. Maybe a report on contraceptive use since Fluke report would help his cause?

        • Hey, “redefine” was fine. The point I was trying to make was that try as he may, he can’t “unmurder” Ambassador Stevens, kick the Muslim Brotherhood out of power in Egypt or reign in Iran’s Little Hitler.

          • Right. Redefine as in…”Let me be clear. We’ve had a few bumps in the road. Now to assist my flexibility and relection which I know you all want…I am going to bomb, yes me, sandy positions X, Y, and Z. Get your shoulder fired rockets I let you have after Gadaffi and your butts out to safer positions. I, me, myself and I are coming. Movie crew is right behind me. Forward.”

  2. Beautiful! I posted this on Hype and Fail on Facebook. Please visit us there, or at Take a look at our Obama FAIL and HYPE designs; the schwag is ‘way cool and wearing the shirts is guaranteed to annoy libtards an make conservatives smile. Also, gonna link to this blog on the web site. Enter the Obama balls cookie contest (see the FB page). Seriously. I’m giving away a cookie for the best post-debate Obama (golf) ball joke.

  3. the comment about Denver’s altitude doesn’t hold water given the fact BO gave the commencement address at the Air Force Academy here in Colorado Springs and did okay. COS is almost 1,000′ higher than Denver.

  4. Was wondering where you were Rat, figured I’d see an article from you first thing this morning… hope you are feeling much better by now. The next few weeks are going to be brutal, they are desperate and will unleash all their hounds from hell, spewing filthy lies over and over again… and the uniformed will believe them.

    • Could not have said what you just said any better, Teach. As a result of O’s beat-down last night, he pitifully reminded me of a good friend of mine today – acting all “brave and shit” when he spoke before the Obamabots – having failed to deliver when it counted.

      Make no mistake: these ruthless bastards will do everything they can to lie their way to reelection.

  5. Media shift away from Obiden…..coming quickly. The MSM all eat from the same trough, when one takes the ball, the others will follow to compete. JMO

  6. what you got last evening was Chicago community organizer minus the white man telling him what to say via teleprompter.

  7. His BOpeeps will continue to follow him, accept his lies as absolute fact, never question him or research facts – they will just stupidly vote for him again because of 1. Color and 2. they are braindead – either 1 or 2 or both…

  8. I am just fighting my way out of a flu/allergy fog here in Cali. We went from 100 degrees to 70’s in a day. Kind of like O’s hope for re-election the other night. Watch out for Barry’s team making chit up, and skewing numbers. The problem is, Mitt is a stone cold, hard core businessman, that can expose the lies and deceptions. This means Team Obama will go for the voters “heart-strings”. I see the Nat-Geo channel is going to run a “We Killed Osama” show on Nov 4th! What a kwinkie dink that the election is on the 6th!

  9. Yup, what a “shock.” As for the job numbers, multiple news outlets – including CNBC – are skeptical. Should be a fun week.

  10. By now heard plenty of excuses for poor debate. My favorite to date is “Obama’s been too busy doing the job of President to prepare for debate.” Errrr…oh well.

    • It’s a toss-up for me. Love the “He didn’t want to come across as an angry black man” one, as well.

      • Well, I have been reading quite a few posts saying he is such a nice man. By the way…Mitt described the 47% as victims. The nice man described me…”bitter clingers”…what percentage are those?

        • As are most of the fallacies perpetrated about O, (including how “brilliant” he is), the “nice guy” thing is bullshit. He’s “nice” – a: when he gets his way, and -b: when he’s scamming. In reality, he’s a thin-skinned, easily-irritated pompous ass. Other than that, I don’t have an opinion one way or the other. ;-)

          • I gotta ya point. Glad we always stay civil here in our comments and posts. :) But say with caution… the word civil is probably one of the words that causes Homeland’s computers to start recording. :)

          • Enjoyed Sunday School with you this morning. Nearly afternoon here. Have a nice restful afternoon. Soon have full day of rest !

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