Obama’s Afghanistan Legacy: Taliban Says America ‘Fleeing With Humiliation And Disgrace’


As the war in Afghanistan entered its 12th year Sunday, the Taliban sent along a little love note marking the anniversary:

“With the help of Allah, the valiant Afghans under the Jihadi leadership of the Islamic Emirate defeated the military might and numerous strategies of America and the NATO alliance. And now, after eleven years of unceasing terror, tyranny, crimes and savagery, they are fleeing Afghanistan with such humiliation and disgrace that they are struggling to provide an explanation.”

Listen – don’t get me wrong – if this hellhole of a country wants to return to the 7th century, all the power to it to do so. But the obscene fact that the United States has spent in excess of a trillion dollars and more than two thousand American lives before allowing Afghans to return to the days of beheadings in soccer stadiums is a tragedy of historic proportions.

And – like it or not, Obamabots – the legacy of Afghanistan will rest squarely on the shoulders of Barack Hussein Obama. Much like Jimmy Carter will be forever remembered for having been humiliated by the Iranian “students” who held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days – refusing to release them until minutes after Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the nation’s 40th president, O will be remembered for not only presiding over a war which saw more than twice as many U.S. military deaths during his four years in office than those under eight years of the Bush Presidency, but also for pre-announcing a U.S. withdrawal date to the Taliban.

The result? Failure of a Taliban peace deal – a one-time much-ballyhooed cornerstone of the Regime’s Afghanistan exit strategy – for which O promised to do everything but buy iPhones for Taliban fighters. And now – Sunday’s mocking statement. But, hell – who can blame them?

Imagine a scenario in any of the epic battles of WWII – D-Day, Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal  – in which either side had announced in advance that not only would it withdraw from combat, but also – the very date it planned to do so. I’m no General Patton, but common sense dictates that any or all of those battles would likely have turned out much differently. As most likely, would have the war itself.

So, while O will shamelessly continue to claim a successful end of U.S. involvement in Afghanistan – as he has (incorrectly) done regarding the hasty withdrawal from Iraq – the Taliban knows better.

So does the whole of the Islamic Middle East. So does the rest of the world.

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12 replies

  1. Barry policies display his contempt for our military and the cowardice, (borderline treasonous) traits of his spineless liberal base. Clinton did the same thing in Somalia, though the scale and relevance was microscopic in Africa when compared to Afghanistan. Common sense dictates that you never give your enemy your withdrawal date. That moronic move merely convinces the Taliban to lay off a bit, regroup/refit, then go on the offensive when we leave. Again, I refer to Somalia as a textbook example of the failure of this strategy. The warlord Adid launched his attack the day the last of 20,000 Marines (sent in by President George H.W. Bush) departed. The worse part is, the people of Afghanistan lose confidence in the United States, so they start harboring the Taliban and stop reporting their presence to NATO troops. Hearing that this administration is trying to negotiate or cut a deal with the Taliban makes me quiver like a dog pooping fish bones! How could anyone with an ounce of brains trust these ruthless barbarians? If Barry had given GEN McCrystal the full 40,000 troops that he requested, WHEN he asked for them, we could have made significantly more progress in destroying the Taliban. But no, Barry waited for months, then only agreed to 30,000 additional soldiers. This delayed our attack almost a year, as the cruel winter suspends most operations until spring. I think that GEN Petreaus was pulled from the military deliberately to derail our effort in Afghanistan and appointed CIA Director to prevent him from becoming a political opponent.

    • You’re right, Irish – completely. Think about the Taliban leadership listening to O’s announcement of the pull-out date – looking at each other in amazement – as if to ask: “WTF?” – before bursting out in uncontrollable laughter.

  2. Certain websites say Sherman’s quote is fake. “Hold the fort, for we are coming.” Whether true or fake, ain’t been said in a long time. Impossible ROEs, not one hand tied behind back, but both, and no bullets available if one hands available to reach for them. Not always there in Afganistan, but at least when Panetta spoke and soldiers had to leave weapons outside so as not to hurt feelings of “green team.” Agree with your article, as usual, but if we are leaving in humiliation and disgrace, then get it on, get them out, get them home, get them healed, but got to get the rest of us ready…fat lady ain’t sung yet, so it won’t be over for a long time. Won’t post youtube of fat lady singing as it probably “photoshopped” by leftists.

    • The gist of the article is less about the Taliban’s comment relative to “humiliation and disgrace” – and more about the naivete of the Regime.

      • Uh-huh. Just need a picture of O standing on the desert sand, man. Helicopter in the background. Like he has never flown, man. Banner in the background…Mission Unaccomplished…man. This on my command, man. Soon I’ll know who to blame, man. Throw it up to stick, man. MSM will absolve me, man. They’ll say I ain’t naive, man. I just be the man with the plan, man.

        Surely I’ve said here somewhere before what I think the plan is?

  3. Yep…Savior. But don’t forget Mrs. O’s plan..more vacations planned, man. Take along my friends, man. Not necessarily Chicago appointed husband, man. Just more billions to spend, man. Isn’t the song ,man…”My country tis of me?” Like I’ve never been more proud, man. To which I say…Bullwonkie, or is if Bullwinkle, or Big Bird? Or just BS? Plus I be through with Johnny Cash rhyming, for now. :)

  4. If MSM at 5 pm on Monday night is reporting right. Romney says will arm rebels. More Arab Al- Qaeda Douche for the West. Old Saints fan says “Who dat say who dat?” Bag time, Rat. Who else says “we can’t let those who would slander the Prophet control the future?” Paraphrasing that as may not be word for word. Huh? How about the Bill of Rights and Constitution? Not only slandered… but squated upon and plopped upon. Done listening to that. Seems all in leadership position are for new world order. Can any American hopeful leader say…I pledge…nope…it seems. Only vote in NWO will be with credit cards. Representive govt. represented by $. How else can 7 billion por souls vote? You tell me.
    I know Romney is all we got now. Use to be fingerprints…now DNA will be on our vote.
    I might get angry and describe how I… not feel, but the tingle going up my brainstem.

    • I watched his speech. He said in reflect that we should find out who the “good guys” are and “work through our allies” to get comparable weapons to them that the Assad regime is using against them. McCain is on O’Reilly saying the same thing as I write this. Tough choices.

      • It’s gonna be a needle in a large haystack. Lotta sorting to find maybe one good apple in the barrel. Afraid there be the same guys. Seen nothing but evil from over there, and sends to the West and US. So yes, “tough choices” I guess. More like no choices. Friends there in the end will be like that pot of gold/rainbow.

        Got work today. See you later.

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