Disillusionment With The Nowhere Man Is Nearly Complete


Once upon a time…

Following last week’s utter beat-down of Barack Obama by Mitt Romney and the subsequent fallout, a sense of tremendous satisfaction has arisen among conservative bloggers – that we’ve been right all along – and the satisfaction is nearly complete. What I’m sure appears to my liberal friends as “gloating” – following the demolition of the community organizer’s facade – a fight which would have been stopped in the third round were it a boxing match – is actually more of a mental fist-pumping reaction that says, “See – I knew it!” The vindication has been sweet.

Not only are the post-debate swings in poll results unprecedented, but the desperate scramble by the Regime to stop the bloodletting and put Humpty Dumpty back together again has been an astonishing thing to watch. Following the early pathetic excuses for O’s thumping, Team O seems to have settled on two equally-ridiculous explanations: Romney lied – and O hates debates.

Both of these claims, of course, are disingenuous at best. A quick Google search shows that while both candidates tossed out several questionable statistics (as candidates tend to do during these sorts of things), O’s claim that Mitt’s tax plan would cost $5 trillion was not correct – when all factors are considered. (Closing loopholes, limiting deductions and creating additional taxpayers.) Even O’s deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter was forced to admit as much. And – O’s claim that Mitt wants to create a healthcare “voucher” system for future retires is simply false.

The “O hates debates” excuse is almost as hysterical as was nimrod Gore’s theory that Denver’s high altitude may have thrown the community organizer off his game. Hell – we’ve been told for years that O is the most mesmerizing speaker ever to walk the planet. Funny, I don’t recall him hating debates in 2008, do you? Anyway, the real truth is this: O hates being Teleprompter-less. Yep, SCOTUS was painfully exposed as not being in the same league with TOTUS. Hilariously, many Obamabots thought it unfair that poor O wasn’t allowed to bring Mr. Teleprompter with him to the debate.

My absolute favorite part of the post-debate meltdown by liberals has been watching the reaction of the elitist jackasses – Tingles Matthews and Andrew Sullivan, for example -who’ve behaved as if life as they knew it were over. (Let’s hope they’re right.) Here’s Tingles’s epic meltdown. Not to be outdone, Sullivan’s column for the Daily Beast reads like a suicide note. Poor bastards – they never knew what hit ’em. Such a shame when the emperor is finally exposed, huh, boys?

One more note – and a word of encouragement for all the forlorn fans of O. Following Mitt’s commitment during last week’s debate that he would end funding for PBS – and Big Bird – Team O has released a new campaign ad – featuring Big BirdSeriously. Furthermore, O just sat down for yet another of his famous “hard-hitting” interviews – with NickelodeonWhat’s next – a guest-appearance on SpongeBob SquarePants?

**UPDATE** Oopsie! Looks like Big Bird wasn’t too happy about being exploited by O for political purposes. Too funny.

You can’t make this stuff up, folks.

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26 replies

  1. Obama doesn’t like debating now he’s in power. As he’s infallible, what’s there to debate?

  2. Well, if Obama goes back on with Letterman…he could say “You’ve seen ME naked.”

      • Dang Rat! Go to work today ole Unit, over current interstate speed limit, age wise, and Word identifies me as Anonymous. And it’s “good point” comment. Guess I clicked when I should have clacked. Anyway back early… as boss cut me to 1/2 day. In 47th year working now…so really a :)

        • Good for you unit. Do you mind if I ask what you do?

          • Don’t mind a-taw-all. Program telepromperters. :) Started learning with first commercial transistor radio sold in U.S. in ’59, it was a Bulova. Really. Told Obama…forget it…you’re on your own. You know I’m Joshing ! What else…I’ve done…just supporting right vs evil.. “ya durn tootin’ Roy,” and Rat. That’s all. No big deal other than that.

          • Why didn’t I know that’s the answer I’d get? ;-)

          • No secret. But what do us all know about each other? We all said what we’ve said and been recorded to Homeland Security computers because of certain code words. Like “Rat!” Anyway…don’t you got my email if want information? Whole sentence or paragraph be code to Napolitano, heh, heh. Risk it.

          • Don’t need information, unit – was just curious. Having said that, you can email the blog at Ratblog51@yahoo.com.

            And yes, you’re probably right. The muzzies have sent along a few “love notes” here and there; I suspect I’ll hear from HHS sooner or later. :-)

          • Rat, it’s just not wanting a Ralph Edwards, ‘This is Your Life’, on web. But…
            Aw heck. What the hell? Huh? Job, unload banana boats for Dole and Chiquita. Not lately, but did long time ago.

            Day-o, day-ay-ay-o
            Daylight come and he wan’ go home
            Day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day, he say day-ay-ay-o
            Daylight come and he wan’ go home

            Bellyfonte not really friend of downtrodden. He made his. He and other so called celebrities should shut the up up.

            You’re open giving email. Thanks. I won’t abuse. Hope others will not either.

          • It’s the blog’s email address – not my personal one. Drop the Rat a line. ;-)

    • Rat, you’re being a brat!
      And I, for one, love it!
      Keep up the great work.

  3. Still thanks. Napolitano thanks you from the bottom of her heartless heart. She probably has a hollow point reserved for you. Without the firing pin inscribed identifier. Then again maybe she will want a souvenir. :)

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