The Fear Of Stupid People In Large Groups


We’ve all the heard the old saying: “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” It rings as true today – if not more so – as it did at its origin. And it boggles my mind. The fact that, after nearly four years of ineptitude, dishonesty, scandal, abuse of power and nonstop class warfare, Barack Obama isn’t down to Mitt Romney by 20 points or more is astonishing.

Until I remember the old saying, that is. 

Listen – I understand why more than a few level-headed moderates voted for this guy in 2008. Not only had the liberal media vilified George Bush, Dick Cheney and all things Republican nearly to the point of  calling them hell unleashed on earth, but along came Candidate Hopenchange – with grandiose promises to heal the planet, stem the oceans’ rise and create a utopia the likes of which John Lennon could only imagine. But – that was then – and this is now. Dude now has a track record.

Think about it: Cronyism deals for campaign bundlers that cost taxpayers at least $90 billion dollars – on green energy alone. Eric “My People” Holder’s refusal to bring charges against the New Black Panther goons who stood in front of a polling station with nightsticks in a brazen attempt to intimidate voters. Fast and Furious. The continual circumvention of Congress, the Constitution and existing law. 23 million Americans out of work. The Benghazi tragedy- accompanied by subsequent lies and cover-up. More Americans applying for – and receiving – food stamps, welfare benefits and SSDI every month than are finding jobs.

And yet – most polls show the race to be more or less a dead heat. The liberal media would have us believe this is because, a: Mitt Romney couldn’t carry the boy king’s royal jockstrap – and, b: The omniscient boy king has saved America – and the world – from certain catastrophic collapse. (Nearly brought on by the devil himself, George Bush, of course.)

The reality is this: When nearly half the country – let’s call it Mitt’s “47%,” shall we? – doesn’t pay income taxes, has been trained by Dear Leader to hate “the rich” even more than it already did, looks increasingly to the government for cradle-to-grave support (thanks again to O) and believes the incessant liberal lies about Mitt and the Republicans’ evil intentions to destroy women, children, old people and the middle class, why on God’s green earth would it ever vote Republican?  Hell – if I believed half of that crap, I’d vote for Chicago Jesus too.

So, folks, here’s the deal: Let’s call it 47%-47% – in every state that it matters. Will enough voters in that middle 6% – who voted overwhelming for Obama in 2008 – wake up and realize that not only have they been had, but that four more years of Obamunism – including handing the boy king the opportunity to add a few more leftist judges to SCOTUS – would be an even greater threat to the liberty and freedom we have cherished as a nation – for nearly 250 years – than have been the last four years?

Or – will they continue to drink the hopey-changey Kool-Aid – and vote for a failed president, who – for nearly four years – has demonstrated nothing more effective than the ability to read from a teleprompter?

Never underestimate – or, would that be “overestimate”? – the power of stupid people in large groups.

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  1. NBC/WSJ polls (what’s the connection?) CNN, PEW, Wash Post, Gulp the Koolaid and Rasputin have all projected winners base on survey of what? Usually 700 persons nationwide surveyed who said the are likely voters. This week I surveyed 7 older Americans who are black in skin tone in my little town. All said they won’t vote against Obama, but they are not happy with his doings. They say they won’t vote. I’m sure in the next few weeks certain factions will try to round them up, bus them over to voting sites. But think that’s a first sign of a turnaround.

    • A group of black pastors has announced a plan to suppress 25% of the black vote – based on O’s support for gay marriage. Interesting, to say the least.

      • Right. Those I know are “severely conservative” in family matters. And 7 I know who tend to themselves. ACORN will push them to load up and vote their way, heh, heh, they may fool ACORN. Yep, pastor on your article and William Owen, I heard a few weeks ago on talk with Huckabee know what’s up. That is a turnaround. I gotta give credit where credit is due. There are lots of deadbeats, but lots of Americans as well.

        • Of course, the race-baiter extraordinaire, Jesse Jackson recently said that he’s “rethinking” (evolving?) the whole homosexual thing. Uh-huh. The only thing more important to Jesse than his morals is forever trying to remain relevant. Sorry Jesse, that bus has already left the station years ago.

          • Niece of MLK, Alveda King, I understand said Jackson was “20th Century Civil Wrong Leader”, and never pastored a congregation at church. Could he maybe have pastored a “down low” focus group? Comment I read posted said this lady is NOT a CINO. Yeah, liberal leftists are “evolving”, others “flip flop.” Conservatives staunchly stand.

  2. Forrest Gump had it right… “Stupid is as stupid does”. We can always pray for some sort of Divine intervention. I have been trying to “reach” a couple of liberal friends with the truth. I’ve been very tolerant of them. I’ve tried desperately to be understanding of their position. I try to tell them that I once believed just as they did. Then, one day in the eighties, a conservative friend showed me how to apply some basic logical analysis to the different beliefs of the left and the right. I realized then that I had been inculcated with repetitive disinformation to the extent that I actually believed that Republicans cared only for their wallet. I “converted” in 1988. I now see that Democrats rely on disinformation and “feel good” tactics and couldn’t care less about my welfare.

    • Good for you, my friend. Typically – liberalism is mostly about emotion, symbolism and intent – either real or perceived. That you were able to use the other side of your brain and realize you were on the wrong track was (and is) a very good thing! ;-)

    • logrhythmic, I would love to hear about that “basic logical analysis”. I wonder if if would work on any of my liberal friends.

  3. Only needs the 47% to get out and vote for your pocket-book and Obarmy is back for another 4 with the interrupter in chief.

  4. Article provokes question that just came to mind. What happen if O loses and between election and January, couple of judges suddenly retire or expire?


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