Laughin’ Joe Snatches Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory


Let me begin by defining what would have been classified by the liberal media as a Biden “victory” last night. All crazy uncle Joe would have needed to do was: Show up. Refrain from telling dirty jokes. Avoid peeing his pants – and announcing that he had just done so. The problem was – and will continue to be for Team O – none of them took into account that he would be condescending, disrespectful, rude and most of all, bizarre. Since he didn’t slur his words, I can’t chalk up his idiotic behavior to having downed a few nips of Irish whiskey before bounding to the stage, but damn – what the hell was that? He behaved like an arrogant 15-year-old – full of piss and vinegar – over-anxious to crush his opponent in his first debate.

Moreover, it’s not as if Martha Raddatz didn’t do her damnedest to help him. She continually allowed him to interrupt Ryan. (Memo to loons: Please don’t compare Biden’s rude behavior last night to Mitt Romney’s rebuttals of Dear Leader; it will only make you look more foolish.)

Raddatz not only encouraged Biden to interrupt Ryan at will; she allowed him to do color-commentary throughout Ryan’s comments – most of the time mid-sentence. She also continually led with Ryan as she asked questions – setting up Biden for response. In addition, several times, as Ryan was mid-thought through a rebuttal, she abruptly cut him off – insisting on moving on to the next question. Yep, folks, uncle Joe’s wingman behaved valiantly – but to no avail: Joe just had to be Joe.

Several friends have lamented how disappointed they were because “Biden didn’t commit the gaffe I hoped he would.” Really? Think of it this way: With Team O in dire straits  – which began with O’s beat-down by Romney and continues with the Benghazi scandal – the Obamabots were hoping against hope that uncle Joe could stop the bleeding. He not only failed to do so, but once again – as if on cue – he provided more than ample fodder to those who view him as little more than a national laughingstock. This, my friends, may very well be remembered as Biden’s biggest gaffe of all. Love it.

See ya November 6, O. Looking forward to it more than ever.

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  1. Liberal insistance on details of the Romney/Ryan tax plan has been non-stop. Romney gave a good description in his debate but as usual Libs ignored it. Last night, each time Ryan got into explaining it again he was interrupted by Biden and cut off by Raddatz and Libs will continue to say Romney/Ryan are hiding the details. Idiots!!!

  2. I think you’re entirely correct in your confidence. Here’s why I think that. For four years I’ve had loved ones blind or ignored the light. I’ve not done any arm twisting. Really just shut up to keep peace. They’ve awakened and are abandoning ship. My boat is able, capable, and willing to take them aboard. And durned glad too !

  3. “Video from the compound’s cameras debunk the initial line from the Obama administration that there was a protest in front of the consulate on the night of the attacks, according to one of the U.S. intelligence officials who has seen the footage, and a senior Obama administration official familiar with what they show.” This quote comes from a site I just left, and forgot to copy the link. This should be blowing up the airwaves and internet…but the silence is exploding my ear drums:)

    • It’s been out for a couple of days, Hillbilly. Guess what? The Obama Media Group is doing its best to shield Chicago Jesus. And? I’m growing ever-confident that their effort is failing.

  4. I read some pretty horrible things on the internet, as though Ambassador Stevens and staff were raped after they were killed. Vicious rumors, I am sure. Some of these posts had phone camera film of those savages carrying the American bodies around. Reminded me of Somalia, where those barbarians drug our soldiers through the streets like dead animals. But, as with the rest of the details, the MSM is silent. Fox did not address it either. No matter what actually happened, bombs would be falling by now with a Republican in the White House. Another pussy reaction from liberals. We need to show strength and resolve. Or, it will happen again!

  5. Biden is no stranger to those of us who live in the tri-state area of MD,DE,PA. He is the nutcase he acted out last night. The reference to saving Social Security in 1983 by Biden in the debate with Paul Ryan was when Biden led the charge to take away the Civil Service retirement funds (paid by civil service employees) to “save Social Security” but instead it was spent along with the surplus that Pres Johnson (D) raided to fund his Great Society that was the beginning of welfare as we know it today.

    Watch for the grab of 401K and other retirement plans – except their own and congressional staffers, to save SS. Why doesn’t Obama just grab the congressional retirement funds, cancel their health plans and let them earn a respectable salary for the days worked? Commute – at their own expense – and allow one paid office in every district that would be shared by senators and congressmen? That would put a huge dent in US debt.

  6. I thought Biden had his teeth whitened and was trying to show them off. I do agree with you that the moderator did a poor job of keeping him from interrupting. At least Ryan showed some common courtesy.

  7. Debate? I thought it was tooth whitening commerical. Definately shiney teeth. Also hair? What hair? John Edward dresser groomed those few…Al Gore’s massause stimulated scalp muscles to make not lay flat !

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