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  1. If Carvel said it, it’s probably the most honest thing he’s ever said.

  2. Never expected truth to come from his mouth. He has been one of those I can’t stomach like that little weasel Alan Colmes. Wow

  3. I have some friends who ae staunch Democrates, and I have long pondered what makes Democrats so loyal while at the same time so uninformed. I think Carville hit it square on the head. They are not willing to make the effort to learn about what actually is happening and as a result end up believing the political media distortions to be truth. And you cannot shake their beliefs, even with actual documented facts..
    Tom Renken

  4. Wow!!! That’s one big ole’ cowpie Jimmy just stepped into. That cowboy shouldn’t drink and talk! Now he’s gotta’ clean his boots! But you have to admit, he really knows his cattle and how to work’em!!! RIGHT ON, Cowboy Jimmy!!!!

  5. Finally! A democrat that is willing to tell the truth! Be still my heart!!

  6. He is right. Next election it will probably be 90%. So can you ask him what he thinks should be done about really helping their base?

  7. Democrats??? How about democratic, republican, and tea party voters? They are all out to lunch when trying to understand the issues. Republicans use Fox News and Rush as their sources of data. Then 49% of our voting public wanted to put a guy in the White House who couldn’t keep a story straight for two days. The same 49% of the voters wanted to keep the incumbent out of the White House after he fixed many (not all) of our nations major problems? The tea party hasn’t yet defined what they want other than “…we want our nation back” whatever that means.

    Yes this country is in bad shape as they vote by party and not by the issues or who is getting the job done. You can’t argue results. Pretty sad state of affairs. Ask yourself do you really understand what’s in the Affordable Care Act or the details of the Benghasi attack or what makes up the $16 trillion dollar national debt or the $1.1 trillion dollar budget deficit or the impact on these with increasing the tax rates? So Carville only got on third of the story right and knowing his wife who is a staunch republican she probably forced him to say this:):)

    • Hi Bob, seems you don’t have a clear view of the choices and are confused about news sources as well as morals. One wishes to uphold the constitution and the other wishes to change it to suit it’s dictates, literally. There were 11 million who sat home because they were unhappy altogether. Those are the people you should be thrashing. If the puke and pablum from both sides upsets you how about the occupy space voters who made the day on the couch? There were many more of them Dems than GOP. And what about the debt being 4X the GDP don’t you get, exactly? People and business are paralyzed! No one needs to watch TV to figure out we are done as a nation! That means spent, no future and no hope. Dems that didn’t vote got that, loud and clear! Maybe you should watch a different news channel for the latest.

  8. Ah, ever elusive, like missing who dun it on Benghazi, solar energy, bankers and GM, stimulus money and so forth and so on. Perhaps Obama doesn’t find Carville useful anymore. Might be a good place to start looking. Marxists are narcissistic cannibals so be very afraid! Mwaaaaaaaahahaha

  9. Wish he had thought more about the country and what he’s done to help destroy it!!

  10. The Carville husband and wife team are all about making money; one consults for the Democrats and the other for the Republicans!!!!!!!!!! They sit at the dinner table each night and decide what to say to each side. Win-Win!!!



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