The Disingenuous Misadventures Of Petulant Barry In Candy Land


Help me, Candy – help me!

As I watched the disgraceful Candy Crowley do her damnedest to protect poor little petulant Barry from big bad Mitt Romney last night – it was hard to decide at whom I was most angered: the blatantly-biased, so-called “moderator” – or the RNC for agreeing to allow this obtrusive left-wing jackass to referee the fight. In the end, it was a draw. The  focus of my anger, that is – not the two-against-one battle.

Now that that’s out of the way, a few observations are in order. While various fact-checkers have given the edge both candidates, Mitt won the debate. Here’s why:

As is almost always the case with political debates, unless one of the candidates delivers a knockout punch or comes up with a memorable line – which did not happen last night, the post-debate discussion over the coming days will be focused on everything but the facts. And – as was the case in the first debate, much of that discussion is already focusing on the behavior of Barack Obama. This time – a brutish, pinched-up image of an obviously-distraught president about to be separated from his office.

Desperate to rescue a failing campaign in free-fall, O shot out of the gate, full of piss and vinegar, almost glaring, and answered the first question – which was asked by a college student. O nervously stared right through the guy – and gave a robotic stump-speech answer that had little to do with the poor kid’s question.

Moreover, throughout the debate, as Romney answered questions, O glared at him from behind as if he wished Mitt would burst into flames. It was apparent from the outset how much genuine hatred O harbors for a man whom, by all accounts, it a very good and decent man – irrespective of O’s disdain for everything for which Mitt stands. Did O make it personal and petty? You bet.

And then, of course, we had Ms. Candy. Throughout the debate, this partisan hack did her best to make sure her boy got the last word. Several times, she asked follow-up  questions of Mitt that she obviously wished her boy had asked. By the end of the debate, she had given her boy nearly four more minutes to speak. Worse? She frantically jumped in and actually defended her boy during the lone Libya question – insisting to Romney that O had in fact, referred to the attack on the consulate as “terrorist” the day after it happened. (She subsequently backtracked on her comment – conveniently after the tens of millions of viewers were out of earshot range.)

At the end of the day, O scored some points; Mitt scored some points. Both camps claimed victory. But…

Think about it: what do the vast majority of people remember from the first debate? Again, O’s behavior. Disengagement, sneers, vacant stares and plaintiff looks to Jim Lehrer to get him off the hook. Such will be the case with this debate; O came off like a petulant child. His body language was that of total disgust. He was often rude for rude’s sake. Other than sarcastically smiling at Crowley more than a few times as they mind-melded over their mutual disdain for Romney, O showed zero warmth – not even to those whom’s questions he answered.

Throw in the perception of millions of viewers – other than the Obamabots, of course – that Crowley’s shamefully-partisan behavior was blatantly unfair to Mitt – and you’ve got another Romney win. And a new president in January, as well.

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28 replies

  1. Sharing on The Gateway Pundit … great pic find Rat! LOL

  2. Here’s the partisan hack trying to regain some “cred” after the debate.

    Sorry, Candy, you didn’t have any credibility to regain.

  3. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:

    I wish the families of the four murdered Americans could have asked a few questions.

  4. Obama and Obiden haven’t fared well through 3 human teleprompters…one more to go.

  5. You mention October Surprise above. NYT identifies commander of Benghazi attack. Debate 3 coming up. Will O go in an get him? And say “I, me, myself got my man.”

    • Perhaps. The Regime announced a couple days ago that it had Special Ops at the ready – and was going to fly drones over Libya looking for the bad guys. Minor snag occurred when O’s “freedom fighter” pals in the Libyan government denied the drone request.

      • Well, if he tries…then I pray he isn’t another Carter.

        • He already is. But, yeah – in reference to the Death in the Desert, I hope your’e right as well.

          • Exactly in that respect. Even if he gets the guy, the initial Benghazi failure and coverup will still hang over. Or should. But if it worked, just more gloating from the MSM, and bleating from the sheep. I hope order doesn’t come at this point in time.

          • I honestly believe that anything he does that might qualify as an “October Surprise” will be viewed by a majority of voters – sans the Obamabots, of course – as blatant desperation – and may even serve to work against him.

            Dude is on the ropes, whether the Kool-Aid drinkers – including the sock puppets of the Obama Media Group – choose to acknowledge it, or not.

          • Your right, I think both faith and scientific evidence support that. O will evolve outta here soon. I think we’ve covered it well in our posts, topic still fits into “Candy Land.” Save my energy now til your next article. :)

  6. I think its done, Rat. I also think O is a bit miffed at being fired but happy to go sit on the beach-until the UN calls, maybe? One more erratic performance to go but there a lot of early voting and it’s not heavily tilted to the dems. He’s down but, the forks not in yet so keep on, but it’s pretty much over.

    • I agree, nee. Told Facebook followers today that it’s over. As I said earlier, he’ll most likely try a Hail Mary – perhaps an attempt to capture or kill the terrorist now identified as having been the mastermind of the Libya attack. But as I said earlier, I think – at this late date – it could actually backfire on him.

      Gonna keep pushing on that fork – at least until after the final debate.

      • Yep, I don’t think there’s much that will work, only thing scares me is that he gets a wild hair to go play peacemaker in Syria but, it’s getting increasingly unlikely. if he doesn’t show a whole new side (which I don’t think he has) in the last debate, it’s done and maybe, just maybe, we can breathe a bit again.

        • This tiger ain’t gonna change its stripes. If he were to come out and say – which he won’t – that he realizes he’s been a large part of the polarization of politics in D.C.- and pledge to work with Republicans from here on, he’d get a substantial bump in the polls. Thankfully for the country, he’s way too stubborn and ideological rigid to do so. Besides, he’d just be lying – like he did in 2008.

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