Obama’s America: Government Spent $1.03 Trillion On Welfare In 2011


While we continue to hear – month after month – about record numbers of Americans living on food stamps, SSDI and other welfare programs, it’s been hard for many people to put it all into perspective. Until now. Wrap your heads around this, folks, via The Daily Caller:

The government spent approximately $1.03 trillion on 83 means-tested federal welfare programs in fiscal year 2011 alone – a price tag that makes welfare last year the government’s largest expenditure, according to new data released by the Republican Senate Budget Committee.

The total sum taxpayers spent on federal welfare programs was derived from a new Congressional Research Service (CRS) report on federal welfare spending – which topped out at $745.84 billion for fiscal year 2011 – combined with an analysis from the Republican Senate Budget Committee staff of state spending on federal welfare programs (based on “The Oxford Handbook of State and Local Government Finance”), which reached $282.7 billion in fiscal year 2011.

The data excludes spending on Social Security, Medicare, means-tested healthcare for veterans without service-connected disabilities, and the means-tested veterans pension program. Continue reading…

Welcome to Obama’s America, America.

While it would be unreasonable to place complete responsibility on the Regime for the total number of Americans living on government assistance – given that many of them were already doing so before O took office – it is perfectly proper to not only critically consider the numbers added during the Regime’s reign – but to also take into account O’s statements, policies and actions, as well:

  • When O took office, 32 million Americans were receiving food stamps. Today, in excess of 47 million Americans rely on them.
  • O’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act included a $20 billion increase for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) alone. (Formerly known as the Food Stamp Program.)
  • The Regime created SNAP Outreach Tool Kits, which it specifically states on its USDA website are designed to “increase participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program )SNAP).”
  • Earlier this year, the Regime released a brochure – available online, as well – which included “Five Fresh Ways For Reaching Seniors,” which actually included this recommendation:

Throw a Great Party. Host social events where people mix and mingle. Make it fun by having activities, games, food, and entertainment – and provide information about SNAP. Putting SNAP information in a game format like BINGO, crossword puzzles, or even a “true/false” quiz is fun and helps get your message across in a memorable way.

  • And my favorite: In January of this year, the Regime announced it would begin awarding  $75,000 grants to non-profit organizations for projects designed to increase food stamp participation. It’s reasoning? The SNAP Program is “severely under-utilized.”

For those of you keeping score at home, welfare spending has jumped 32% in four years.

Unbelievable? Not in the minds of the socialists – including Barack Hussein Obama. Hell – to them, it’s a necessity. Remember the 1998 audio tape that recently surfaced, on which then-state-senator Obama suggested that the “working poor” on welfare were a “major voting bloc” that could be “harnessed” by the Democrats? Hard to connect all two of those dots, huh?

While it will take years – if not decades – to undo the damage visited upon America by the Obama Regime – we do have the power to at least stop the bleeding in less than three weeks.

The quality of life of our children and grandchildren depend on us.

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19 replies

  1. “Obama suggested that the “working poor” on welfare were a “major voting bloc” that could be “harnessed” by the Democrats? Hard to connect all two of those dots, huh?” … witty and powerful Rat

    … A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have. -Thomas Jefferson

  2. Unit at loss for words. Reserve Holy for appropiate use. So…Wholely Cow! Tweets calling for riots and assassinations. They harnessed alright. We been discribed by O as “the enemy.” Will they wait til election?

    • There is – and never has been – any doubt in my mind that this disingenuous socialist wants to fundamentally remake America in the image of the failed countries of Europe. The difference – he’s betting on – is that through a combination of over-taxing America’s “rich” and large corporations, he’ll have the capital to do so – that Greece, Spain, Portugal, etc. do not. Bad dude.

  3. Didn’t mean questions to put Rat on spot as to predictions. Anyway, vote and evolve this thing, and behind the curtain folks, out, crap dries up,socialism and communism seems to have been preserved in a baggie, even crappier than crap. Conservative fiber, nutrients and CO2 replenish the earth, liberal methane can be burned as energy.! But no stimilus please!!! Just mean they inspire me to go cut firewood to provide. And not just heat.

  4. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:

    A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have. -Thomas Jefferson

  5. Over the last few years I’ve found in interesting to google how high would be a stack of dollar bills in the amount of a trillion. Questions abound like…dry? soiled? compressed? folded? covered with germs and drugs? Shortest height is astounding. Even with my relatively flat wallet, doctor said I’d help my osteoarthritis if I’d not sit on it ! Still I like to know where it is at all times. Maybe I’ll get another empty one in the other back pocket to balance the buttocks.

  6. I think you got it. “Optimal Obama.” On Jon Stewart. O a bump in the road. Mole hill.

  7. Keep mosquito coils burning. Pests can’t stand. Probably be outlawed by EPA and UN after election.

  8. Optimal Obama. Bump on a log? Just happened to look for definition on that. The Free Dictionary said this…
    ” Like a bump on a log
    Fig. completely inert. (Derogatory.) Don’t just sit there like a bump on a log; give me a hand! You can never tell what Julia thinks of something; she just stands there like a bump on a log.”

    And Julia was the cradle to grave example by O for government welfare.

  9. Should have added to above…second part…”like a bump on a log (American informal)
    if someone sits or stands somewhere like a bump on a log, they do not react in a useful or helpful way to the activities happening around them.”

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