Arrogant Condescending Man-Child Ekes Out Debate Victory On Points; Loses Election


Think about it. Barack Hussein Obama – never in his wildest imagination – believed that he’d find himself in this position – two weeks before an election that will cost him his job. After all, he was the messiah; he was going to make the world (particularly the Middle East) love “us” (he really meant “him”); he was going to not only heal the division in America, he was going to heal the planet. He was going to stop the oceans’ rise. He was Hope – and he was Change.

And now? O’s was in full panic mode last night for all, for all the world to see – except for CNN, the pathetic “journalists” at MSNBC and the Obamabots, of course. His petulance and condescending arrogance came across as almost funny; he was actually angry – not only at Mitt for having the balls to challenge him, but also that a majority of Americans have done so as well – and are proving it in the polls.

While O got the facts wrong several times (as did Mitt), he eked out a narrow victory on points and detail- which frankly, a sitting president with unique access to foreign policy information ought to be able to do.

However – once again – he lost the debate on style and public perception, having behaved like a spoiled child who was not getting his way. As a result, the “likability factor,” which was (until recently) one of the primary arrows in O’s quiver, has moved even more in Mitt’s direction. This does not bode well for President Hopenchange.

Take this to bank: Nobody will leave Mitt for O after O’s condescending, dismissive performance last night. (“We have these boats that go under the water…”) Moreover, undecideds and independents will continue to move in Mitt’s direction; he was more in control of his emotions, made no major gaffes, was less strident and looked more presidential.

One of Mitt’s best lines of the night: “Mr. President, attacking me is not an agenda.” Turn out the lights when you leave, O; the party’s almost over.

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7 replies

  1. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. In my opinion, the debates did little to persuade voters. Neither was very good at answering the asked questions.

    • I suspect you’re right as it relates to the second and third debates. However, the first debate not only transformed Romney’s campaign and reversed the polls – it fundamentally changed O’s campaign, as well.

      Remember, prior to the first debate, not only was O pretty cocky and confident, but the Obama Media Group had been saying the race was over for weeks. Post-first-debate, O grew much more strident and defensive- and that’s only served to work against him.

      I appreciate your comments.

  2. Obama looked like a madman throwing death stares at Romney. He looked crazed. And the entire world saw this…(well like you said..cept CNN and MSNBC)

  3. I can’t believe how un-presidential Obama has been during this campaign, especially during the debates; and don’t even get me started on Biden’s behavior. These two are supposed to be representing the United States of America and they’re behaving like a couple of spoiled children who were told they couldn’t have another cookie. I don’t know how Obama can sit there and tell straight up lies about his presidency, interrupt like there’s no tomorrow, and toss in the occasional snide comment without being booed off the stage. Then the liberals have the gall to say that he did well in these debates, and they’re proud of him?! Governor Romney should make “Mr. President, attacking me is not an agenda” t-shirt’s, I think they would be a great addition to the campaign.

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