Chris Christie All Over O: ‘What The Hell Is He Doing Asking For Another Four Years?’


This one speaks for itself. Classic Chris Christie. Enjoy.

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Categories: Obama's Incompetence, Our Embarrassment for a President

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  1. I wouldn’t have expected anything less. O can’t deny his 4 years haven’t been great. So yes do vote for Romney, for at least then he can blame it on O and the Sheeple won’t even realize what happened.

    • Actually, it’s been O who has blamed America’s problems on past presidents – and accepted NONE of the responsibility in the process.

      I think we’ll see that Romney will look to the future – and realize that we hired him to fix things – not to tell us for four years who screwed them up.

  2. Gov. Christie, in his inimitable fashion, hits the nail on the head!!

  3. Gov. Christie hit the nail on the head. Obama doesn’t have a clue about leadership. Unfortunately, the American people bought his speel in 2008. Let’s not make that mistake again.

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