O: Hey, Has Anyone Seen My Gender Gap? I Think I’ve Lost It!


Well now. All that  pandering. All those tens of millions of dollars spent on attack ads. All that disingenuous nonsense about the Republican “war on women.”  All those lies about Mitt Romney. All for naught. Barack Obama’s once touted “gender gap” is no more. Gone. Just like his presidency will soon be.

Ladies – and gentlemen – with less than two weeks to go until Election Day, Mitt Romney has erased Barack Obama’s 16-point advantage among women, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll. From AP:

After a commanding first debate performance and a generally good month, Romney has gained ground with women – and all Americans – on a number of important fronts, including their confidence in how he would handle the economy and their impressions of his ability to understand their problems.

Romney’s pitch to women has been focused squarely on the economy, making the case that what women want most is to ensure their families and their country are on a solid financial footing. The poll shows that message appears to be taking root; a month ago, women favored Obama over Romney on the economy 56% to 40%. Now, the split has shifted to 49% Romney and 45% for Obama. Continue reading…

But, hey – as on fire as Romney has been since the first debate, he couldn’t have achieved such an astonishing turnaround with women without a little help – from Barack Obama. 

Yes, America, perhaps the most improbable wingman for a Republican presidential candidate in history has done what only O could do; his stubborn best to behave as peevishly, condescending, dismissive and derisive as he possibly could have behaved – ever since his thorough ass-kicking in the first debate.

Far be it from Rat to claim to be an expert on women, but as far as he can tell, most women not only have little appreciation for the spoiled behavior of an arrogant petulant child, they’re completely turned off by it – big time. Add to that O’s childish ridiculing of Romney – in which he engages on a daily basis – and Mitt couldn’t ask for a better wingman.

Way to go, O. Please keep up the good work. We’re counting on you.

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7 replies

  1. Legitimate question: What will The Rat rant about after the election if Romney wins?! Sorry, I had to ask.

  2. Risking that my point of view be discounted (I like senior citzen discounts) , I’m past salt and pepper of whatever age that comes. I’m white haired under flourescent lighting, sitll a little dishwater blond at home under incadescent (at least it looks to me). Now incadescent outlawed. So from now on…just old white, white headed guy.

    But point is…I got family, mostly in south, but by marriage and so forth, also from N.J. to Ok. There are conservatives and progressives even in closest family. I have mentioned this before…I am seeing the change come across them as somehow they began to see the light. No arm twisting by old unit, as got to have someone to call the funeral parlor one day. P.S. my progressives just do gooders, not Marxist and Communists. But I do see Hope and Change. Not O’s.

    Also “lost gender gap”…mine ain’t trying to find it either.

    But be plenty of diehards for Rat to watch…and us. :)

    • It’s happening all over the country – which is why I won’t be shocked if it’s a Romney blowout. Not gonna predict one, as some of the pundits are doing, but wouldn’t be surprised at all.

      • Well you have to be creditable as far as predictions. I don’t have to be as a sometimes poster:), not author, just mind, heart and soul says blowout. Now maybe that comes after November 6…the whole Chicago crew back up in Man’s Country. What else they got after election loss? That’s my prediction.

  3. As a woman, I know darn good and well that I do NOT appreciate the type of behavior that Bat Ears displayed Monday evening. I caught myself yelling at the poor TV! Not only did he act like a petulant, spoiled child, but he acted as a lot of men do toward women. I have had men treat me in the same dismissive, disrespectful way and there is no bigger turn off. I would rather pay for my own birth control. Why should someone else have to pay for it. If I can’t afford it, then I can just keep my damn knees together! Some women seem to treat abortion as a method of birth control and to me that is dispicable. They just don’t worry about preventing pregnancy, because they know they can go and get an abortion. It also seems to me that some of us have it all wrong. I am a strong believer that I can and should control my own body. If that is the case, I certainly don’t need the government interfering with it. This gimme, gimme, gimme attitude has got to stop. We all need to stand on our own two feet and take responsibility for our own actions. Ok Rat, I’ll get off my soapbox now.

  4. So he is post-gender gap president , not intentionally. Time to recognise Marxist’s recognise no particular body over any other body. All will fill the dug hole just the same.

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