‘Why I Voted Democratic’



Oh, hell – on second thought, there is more to be said. Let’s add a few more reasons to this guy’s list:

13. I voted Democratic because I believe that America is a selfish country that only got to where it is today by bullying and exploiting the rest of the world.

14. I voted Democratic because I believe it is the governments’ right to force Catholic organizations to provide birth control and abortion benefits for employees who choose to work for those organizations of their own free will.

15. I voted Democratic because I believe its perfectly okay for a crucifix submerged in urine to be on display at the Smithsonian Institution, but not okay for a manger to be on display in a public square.

16. I voted Democratic because I believe it’s racist when conservatives criticize black liberals for their political views, but it’s not racist when Chris Rock calls white people “crackers” and “honkies.”

17. I voted Democratic because I believe Israel is the aggressor in the Middle East and should not respond when terrorist groups fire rockets into Israeli civilian areas.

18. I voted Democratic because I believe that Republicans hate blacks, Hispanics, gays and lesbians.

19. I voted Democratic because of the Republican war on women.

20. I voted Democratic because I believe that the U.S. Constitution is outdated and much too simplistic to deal with today’s complex issues.

21. I voted Democratic because I don’t have a problem with black people wishing each other “Happy Kwanzaa,” but I get extremely angry whenever someone wishes me “Merry Christmas.”

22. I voted Democratic because I don’t believe that the top 1% of wage earners, who make less than 20% of total income, but pay nearly 40% of total taxes are paying anywhere near their “fair share.”

23. I voted Democratic because I believe that the concept of “American Exceptionalism” is arrogant and embarrassing.

24. I voted Democratic because I respect the freedom of expression of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Atheism, Wicca, Polytheism – just to name a few – but I go crazy whenever I see anything Christian that can remotely be misconstrued as a violation of the separation of church and state.

25. I voted Democratic because Republicans suck – big time!

There, that’s a bit more complete now, isn’t it? Feel free to add your “Why I Voted Democratic” reasons in the comment section, folks.

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  1. As it relates to the glitch with the “comments” section, I began to seriously wonder what was going on when nobody commented on this post particularly. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. ;-)

  2. I take “Your View” by Talladega as highly facetious commentary, but accurately discriptive of the liberal, progressive bunch. Your additional points as well. I don’t think Talladega voted democrat, except maybe dogcatcher to help the bunch have marriage partners. No, he wouldn’t punish a dog that way. And I think Talladega is Alabama guy who wouldn’t even wish that on a Georgia Bulldog, even this Saturday on big game day.

  3. Um, yeah – I think there’s a “pretty good chance” he didn’t vote Democrat, unit. Noticed the Talladega thing, too.

  4. Any no one noticed how poor this article is?

    • This was a fairly interesting article, in part because it was so poorly thought up. There are numerous holes that pop up in this type of argument and you would think they would be recognized before posting. It never is. This type of thing is made by people who want to say something bad and honestly do not care if it is true or not, so they simply say things, no matter how inaccurate or silly.


      1. You cannot marry whoever you want. Your Labrador has no legal standing before the law. I would hope that a good High School education would have provided an education that would make this explanation unnecessary, but I guess not.
      2. Anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of economics would know that the 4% number is wrong, but it is repeated either out of ignorance, or intentional dishonesty. Factcheck discussed the number and determined it was wrong.
      3. Of course the government does a better job of spending money. The government can maintain insight into the issues that impact the individual, that the individual likely does not know even exist. For example, could someone in Kansas really make good decisions about deploying troops to ensure the flow of goods and services in the South China Sea? Could they understand the road needs of rural Maine? Could they understand the need for welfare in Texas? Of course not. This is why government exists, to provide macro-oversight to the nation.
      4. Freedom of speech is actually fairly protected. After all, the article that was written is terribly incoherent and silly, but it was still posted. Where is speech really censored? This is an empty claim, it does not exist, but it is said because it has emotional resonance without saying anything.
      5. Gun violence is pandemic in the USA. The myth that people are qualified to defend themselves with firearms is absurd. Anyone with military experience would tell you that a lot of training is needed to make someone proficient at firearms, and just owning a gun does not convey this.
      6. Global warming is based on complex and fairly detailed models, as is most climate science. The sad fact is, meteorologists can tell you if it is going to rain on Friday, they can tell you with a very good deal of accuracy. Why is this argument even made, if not because of complete ignorance of climate science. But then again, it is not required to be informed, only angry enough to talk, which is justification for an opinion.
      7. I am not sure how anyone can simultaneously claim to care about the unborn while caring nothing about the child the second it is born. Childhood education and health care are ignored. Oddly anyone who has studied abortion would tell you that government prohibition has no impact on abortion. The book “Blinded By Might” about the Christian Coalition’s involvement in social issues discusses this, but oddly enough no one reads anymore. As I said, education is not required for opinion formation.
      8. Illegal aliens will get health care, because we have a system that says a health care provided will not turn away anyone. This is a moral and ethical principle I agree with, but even if I did not, it still exists. So providing some form of preventative care actually saves money in the long run. Health care is a HUGE market failure, which a simple economics education would demonstrate.
      9. There is no reason businesses cannot make profits. Nevertheless there is no reason to do so at other’s expense. There is a huge difference between Costco and Walmart, and in how they treat their employees. This has been in the news lately. Study the business model of stores like WholeFoods. Businesses can exist without destroying their employees. Why this would need to be regulated is not clear to me, but since some do not understand this, regulations will exist.
      10. Judicial review is a part of our government. That someone does not agree with some principles does not really matter, no one will ever be happy with every decision.
      11. Oil production is from these locations because this is what the market wants. It is easier and cheaper. How can people extol the market and then complain about its results? Likewise, and student of the history of the Middle East, which I am, would know that our policies in the area have been so myopic that we have no one to blame but ourselves.
      12. Likely, the author is correct on this. There is so much wrong with this article, that it never should have been written out of a sense of personal pride, but it has been. Ignorance logical fallacies do not make a coherent argument, no matter how many numbers are used.
      And then to the rest..
      13. In some cases the US did bully and exploit others. This is history. It can be overcome, but it should not be ignored. Only the foolish fail to learn from mistakes of the past.
      14. Health care is a market failure. It does not work based on market principles, and knowing this, organizations will have to provide services that they do not particularly agree with. It would be far more useful, however, to stop worrying about what is allowable and rather focus on developing the characteristics in people that would make them not want to do things that the organization thinks is immoral. Legislation is the lazy way out, and as I said before, it does not work, legislating morality.
      15. A crucifix floating in urine is tacky. But tacky is not illegal. What is so odd is that this is from the same person that complained about restricting free speech in number 4. What is really being said here, is that speech should be restricted to what the author thinks is ok, not other speech.
      16. Chris Rock is a comedian. It is so amusing that people cannot tell the difference between political issues and comedy. Is Rush Limbaugh a comedian (really?)? Is Glenn Beck?
      17. Does the author of this really know or understand the complex issues at play in the Middle East? Does he understand that Israel is an aggressor in many cases? Does he understand anything about the Middle East at all? Of course not. The Middle East is an area that few understand, and that requires a lot of effort. Again we see that forming an opinion has no need for facts or knowledge. This is sad, and untrue, but is happens far too much.
      18. Republicans promote policies, beliefs, and messaging that many, many, many minorities find offensive. This is certainly not the fault of Republicans, however. The party of personal responsibility does not actually take personal responsibility.
      19. Republicans, who control the House, just announced new Chairs in Congress. All old, white men. But Republicans certainly support strong roles for women….
      20. Of course the Constitution is outdated. Anyone with the most rudimentary understanding of the Constitution would know that both judicial review and the amendment system were put in place to make necessary changes based on new issues and differences. And since the Constitution has changed multiple times, then something was necessary to promote the change. Naturally the Constitution needs to change, that is why it is a “living document”. Why is it that the purists have such little knowledge of the Constitution?
      21. Who gets angry at Merry Christmas? This is a strawman that is brought up because people WANT a reason to be upset, and so one is created. Truth is, Happy Holidays is more inclusive, and makes more sense, but I have never seen anyone upset that they were wished Merry Christmas, I have seen people take offense at Happy Holidays.
      22. Graduated income is based on what makes sense to the nation. Oddly enough this works for other nations, but for some reason that works is ignored. Why?
      23. “American Exceptionalism” is a joke. It is a platitude that is used to get votes, while ignoring issues that are problematic. America leads the world in many categories, and most of them bad. If we really looked at what ways we were exceptional we would be shocked at how bad we really are, all while claiming to be great.
      24. The government does not recognize any Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Atheist, Wiccan, or Polytheist holidays. These people do not try to force their theological works onto courthouse walls. What Christians do not understand is that they are setting the stage for their own oppression. When Muslims, or Hindus are the majority, then Christians will have set the stage to allow the majority religion powers that minorities are denied. Unless Christians want their wives to wear headscarves, they should not try to force their religion on others when they are the majority. They should be insulating government from all religion now, to prevent it from falling into a faith that is not theirs. Nevertheless, selfishness is a powerful force.

      • You’ve already “blessed” us with your “expert opinion” on the Middle East. Let’s see…since you visited us…oh, yeah! An Egyptian court has sentenced 7 Christians (along with the maker of the video, of course) to DIE for the dopey Mohammad film (which NOBODY has seen), tens of thousands of Egyptians are protesting in the square over Pharaoh Morsi’s edicts and fear of a long dominance by Sharia and the Bro-hood and they’re trying to warn our dumb ass president that Morsi is no friend of the U.S. (Neither is he.) Ye, thing are just going swell in Egypt, aren’t they?

        (Sorry, I skipped over the middle part of your diatribe because I’ve heard it all before.)

        And please, reread s-l-o-w-l-y my comment about the various religions you blathered on about. Did I say that the government supports or recognizes any of them? Of course, not. What I DID say was that morons like you get your panties in a wad over anything and everything Christian that offends your bitter little asses – but seem to have no problem whatsoever “respecting” and “revering” every other religion that comes down the pike.

        Save it, pal. But? I DO get a kick out of all of you angry, hypocritical little people. Seriously.

        • Actually I trained as a Middle Eastern specialist in the US military. I have a BA, and two MA’s in related subjects. Do you really want to insult my education? I specifically studied the Brotherhood, it is something of a subspecialty. I was in the region for the 2006 elections when the NDP beat the MB. If you would like to discuss the region, I would certainly be interested in your opinions. Without background it is generally impossible for someone from the US to understand the nuances of a completely foreign culture and region, but you may be the exception to the rule.

          And if you want to comment, why not address me directly. So far I addressed you, and the rather poor article you posted point by point. What you posted is a mess of logical fallacies, poor understanding of any number of issues.

          And how am I angry or hypocritical? I addressed you point by point, pointed out errors. Your responses are incoherent rambling, without any sort of logical consistency. If you think you have an argument, why not present a solid, substantial comment?

          • Nope, and I don’t believe I said ANYTHING about your education, did I?

            I don’t give a damn about your education, how long you were in the region or how much more you think you know about the Middle East than me – and apparently, nearly everyone else.

            What I DO give a damn about is what is happening to this country. If you don’t believe that Islamist extremists in the Middle East have been bolstered by this sorry excuse for a presidents kowtowing to Islam – and throwing Israel under the bus for the last four years, then NOTHING I – or anyone – can say will have any impact on you whatsoever.

          • Actually I know a LOT of people who know more about the region than I do. That’s the difference. I am well aware of what I know, and what I don’t know, and I don’t speak without ensuring that I know what I am talking about. You do not seem to be similarly inhibited. You talk about subjects where you clearly have no idea (much like you have never read Edmund Burke, but tried to bluff your way out of it).

            There has been nothing that the President has done to “kowtow to Islam”. You don’t know anything about Islam in the first place, so the comment is empty on its face for that reason alone. He also has not thrown Israel under the bus. You really have no idea what you are talking about do you. Let me explain why…


            In the weeks before the HAMAS rocket attacks, and I mean literally weeks, the US and Israel held joint operations, something that happens regularly, to exercise and train on missile shield technology, training, and tactics, which directly contributed to the protection of Israel during the HAMAS rocket attacks.

            But you did not know this, because you are woefully uninformed.

            But who said you had to be informed to have an opinion?

          • Rat, you said…

            “If you don’t believe that Islamist extremists in the Middle East have been bolstered by this sorry excuse for a presidents kowtowing to Islam – and throwing Israel under the bus for the last four years, then NOTHING I – or anyone – can say will have any impact on you whatsoever.”

            The problem that you have no idea what you are talking about is not the biggest issue. The bigger problem is that it is so easy to disprove what you say, and you’re not even aware of it…

            “Officials at the Pentagon originally favored a cheaper, laser-based alternative proposed by U.S. defense contractor Northrop Grumman. The Israeli backers of Iron Dome, which was developed by Israeli defense company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, ran into political turbulence at home as questions about the cost and effectiveness of the system nearly derailed the project. Each interception costs $50,000 to $100,000.

            Despite misgivings in Washington, the Obama administration got Congress to provide $205 million for Iron Dome in 2010, a financial boost that saved the project. The following year, in April 2011, Iron Dome intercepted a Grad rocket fired from Gaza, marking the first such counter-strike on a short-range artillery attack in the area.”


            You’re not the intellectual scourge of liberals you think you are. We lost an election because we pandered to people thinking, they would not bother to check our facts, when the facts were wrong. You don’t have the like the President, but you can’t lie about him.

      • “Joseph Abraham Says:
        December 1, 2012 at 11:41 AM
        Any no one noticed how poor this article is?”

        Not worried as to poor concerning these articles, give my tithe, but a read that starts off “Any no one noticed”…save your fingers from such a meaningless response here. Think I’ve seen such from JA at Constitutition Club…even this morning. Yeah I make typos often, so for you and me “Any no one noticed.” That matters.

        • Could you provide a critique of the article? Just curious?

          • Obviously you have no sense of humor, Joseph. The article doesn’t need “critiqued” due to the fact it made me smile, even though I did notice some absurdities in it. Please get over yourself.

          • Couldn’t have said it any better, justa. We must remember though, bitter liberals have a helluva a time lightening up and understanding a bit of satire.

            Trust me, dudes like Joseph are a drain on one’s energy.

          • It’s funny, because Rat states “Liberals saying things they know aren’t true for the sole purpose of exploiting the “less than informed” for political gain.”

            This article is meant to be an insulting commentary, in order to justify Republican talking points. As a point of order, current Republicans are not Conservative (I asked Rat if he had ever read Edmund Burke, which of course he claimed, but could not produce any actual evidence). The problem is that Republicans have relied on talking points for so long that they have become so uninformed as to be absurd caricatures of political thought. The article was posted, as Rat says, for the sole purpose of exploiting the less informed here.

            The article was terrible, but it adhered to the talking points that people want to believe, even if they are untrue.

            Sadly, the country does actually need actual Conservative voices, but until this sort of thought is abandoned for actually dealing with the hard issues, and this will be hard, it will take a lot of time and effort, the country will be denied this need.

  5. Folks, get your comments in to this troll if you want to, because he’s about to be booted.

    Joseph: Please do not misconstrue my banning you from the blog as me being unable to refute your nonsense. Example: You responded to my comment about Chris Rock with the same old tired crap about him being a “comedian.” You have no idea how many times I’ve heard that “defense” in the past. Guess what? My “Chris Rock” comment had ZERO to do with Chris Rock and EVERYTHING to do with the hypocrisy and double standard of liberals. Hell, Republicans criticize Susan Rice for LYING to America – and they are branded as “racists.” But? Equally-black (and conservative) CONDI Rice is referred to as a HOUSE NIGGA, and what do we hear from the sock puppets of the liberal media? Crickets.

    Sorry, dude; been there, done that too many time with you and your ilk. My blog. No Second Amendment Rights here. You’re out. Thanks for playing.

    • Because you’re incapable or dealing with issues you do not understand. Taking you anger over your intellectual impotence out on me does not make you any more potent. Run away, and try to hide, because reality is just too hard….

        • Love liberal intransigence – and insults. Bye, troll.

          To everyone else: Just booted our friend, Joseph. Have dealt with trolls for years; they hijack a thread, attempt to dominate it and/or change the subject – and ignore any and all points made against their positions. Would be happy to entertain one or two of them, but without a “No Trolls Allowed” policy, they would soon take over the blog – the comments section, that is.

          • Good riddance and thanks for getting rid of all that crap. That’s what they want. Us like the Labrador with no legal standing before the law. What they spill to be the law. Excuse me , but screw them, Labrador lovers know. Here at my house, Australian Shephard rules. :)

          • Her name is Coco, about 12 now. Produced 9 pups, all to loving homes.

          • You do know, of course, that “Australian” Shepherds were “invented” right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. – don’t you, unit? Pretty dogs – but they can be a bit high-strung sometimes.

            Rat: Your one-stop source of information. ;-)

          • Don’t tell me, she got knocked up in Chicago !!! Her ancestors I mean !!! Oh yeah, she had the world on a string… Last five or six years, of course, we had to have her practice abstinance. Daddy had to watch who came over, but had to as she was inclinded toward free love and without Fluke contraceptives. Her pipes, tubes, finally cooling off. A bit of rat shot, not buck shot, takes care of the suitors now days, but still have to still keep her cloistered, she is a nun-available princess.

        • I really did see that troll somewhere today, maybe not where I thought, but nevertheless…he can critique himself, He should remember better than unit where he excretes, I be like government and administrations…”I can’t recall that.” Even if I could…a troll is a troll is a troll. And unit is not sure the meaning…adversary? Help me out…must be worst than that.

          • Unit, in “blog-speak”, a troll is someone who tries to take over a thread (comment section) of a post or article and dominate it. Generally, they have no intention of engaging in a legitimate debate or conversation, but are merely looking for a soapbox from which to pontificate. They are usually arrogant, obnoxious and generally end up calling names, using vile language, etc. Additionally, when painted into a corner, they try to change the conversation to a different topic, which is also a “no-no” in the blogosphere.

          • Rat, I’m sure you are well intentioned, and Joe is certainly intractable, but you are making a joke of your blog, and by virtue of that my political beliefs you claim you share. You said that a troll “Generally, they have no intention of engaging in a legitimate debate or conversation, but are merely looking for a soapbox from which to pontificate”

            So when you post something and Abe responded to it point by point, who was merely looking for a soapbox to pontificate? You glossed over everything he wrote by saying “I’ve heard it all before”. If you had heard or seen it all before, you should have no problem refuting it, but you didn’t. Why? Who was pontificating, the person who ignored points and made sweeping generalizations, or the person who made specific points, even if you did not agree with him?

            You brought up Presidential support of Israel, not knowing that there was a giant exercise there recently, that exercised a system crucial to Israeli defense. Did you address this giant failure in your argument? No you ignored it and ran away.

            You continued “They are usually arrogant, obnoxious and generally end up calling names, using vile language, etc. Additionally, when painted into a corner, they try to change the conversation to a different topic, which is also a “no-no” in the blogosphere.”

            Arrogant? You have no idea how arrogant the guy can be, but he is always very well argued, even if you do not agree with his points. He is also not Liberal, he is liberal. One is political, one is economic. You don’t seem to know the difference.

            If you want to ban someone from your blog, you should ban yourself, but we both know you are not going to. YI (his Arabic name is Yusuf Ibrahim, no idea why he westernized it) is arrogant, intractable, but also one of the smartest people you will ever meet. You banned him, not because he was a troll, but because he was the opposite, too capable for your blog.

            Here is my problem. I still am a Republican. I am a Conservative. I have read Edmund Burke. We used to be the Party of Buckley; we had brilliant thinkers, detailed ideas. Now we have ideas that as deep as a puddle in the Sahara. We embraced the politics of the sound bite, and of the radio pundit, and we killed ourselves. We are changing, but this is going to have to have some accompanying spring cleaning, and this means taking out the trash.

            Your blog is making the Republican Party worse. Your posts are silly and lack any depth. Your comments are obviously made without any understanding of the issues. I don’t care if you ban me (you will to hide), but please either stop doing this, or stop calling yourself a Republican. We do not need or want you, you’re one of the reasons we are losing.

            Yusuf is arrogant, but he is also one of the smartest people you will ever meet. You were right to ban him, he would have destroyed you, and you know this. You did not ban him because he was a troll, you banned him because you are a troll, and he is sunlight, and we all know trolls do not survive in sunlight.

          • Thanks for your take. When I “glossed over” “Abe’s” last comment by saying I’d heard it all before, guess what? I’d heard it all before. From him, and countless others. I don’t know whether you write a blog or not, but I am tired of refuting the same old arguments and getting drawn into never-ending “debates” by those who claim – from the outset – a superior understanding (in this case because he “lived there”) when it is clear to anyone who has the sense to step back and look at the situation (the Middle East, in this case) that reality begs to differ. One need only look at the hypocritical farce which just occurred at the UN in recognizing the “state” of “Palestine.”

            As for the “giant exercise” to which you referred, really? Do you honestly believe this “giant exercise” had any effect whatsoever on the Islamic extremists (particularly, Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda) who have been emboldened by Obama’s public treatment of Bibi and Israel over the last four years? Seriously? Just look at recent events, if I’ve lost you here: Morsi grants himself dictatorial powers, the UN makes a fool out of the US, and Hillary goes on a rant about Israel building houses IN ITS OWN COUNTRY. Please.

            Spare me your explanation of “liberal” vs. “Liberal” as well. I’ve found very few “liberals” who are not “Liberals” along the way – how about you?

            And? Great idea – I’ll ban myself from my own blog. Guess what? There are no second amendment rights on blogs. The good news? If you – or anyone else doesn’t like what I or my subscribers write? Go away and don’t come back. Simple, huh? I have multiple liberal friends – here and elsewhere – with whom I debate issues on a daily basis. It’s part of why I do what I do, but yes, “Yi” is a troll. Obsessive hijacking of a thread, ignoring valid points made to the contrary of one’s argument and attempting to change the subject of the post are all common symptoms. Whether you agree or not is your business. I’ve just “been there, done that” with your pal – any many others in the past.

            I do appreciate your comments relative to what we are becoming as a party. There was no one in my lifetime who articulated conservatism like William F. Buckley. There was no one in my lifetime who was able to simplify conservatism and speak over the media to America like Ronald Reagan. There’s no doubt that we as a party are wondering where we’re headed – facing the reality of not only demographic and philosophical differences that I never thought I’d live to see, but an out-of-control media that openly shills (and cheers) for the opposition. I disagree, however, that we have killed ourselves. At most, we have tried to emulate the Democrats in some respects (drunken-sailor spending during the second W term comes to mind) and we must return to our fundamental principles.

            As it relates to Yusuf’s “intelligence,” sorry – not impressed. I’ve hired – and fired – four Mensa members in my life. Guess what? All four of them were great guys who I genuinely liked. Guess what else? Common sense, “street smart,” whatever you wanna call it? Not so much. Perhaps Jimmy Carter was intellectually superior to Ronald Reagan – don’t know, don’t care. Which one would you rather have as a president?

            And, here’s where we’ll part company:

            “Your blog is making the Republican Party worse. Your posts are silly and lack any depth. Your comments are obviously made without any understanding of the issues. I don’t care if you ban me (you will to hide), but please either stop doing this, or stop calling yourself a Republican. We do not need or want you, you’re one of the reasons we are losing.”

            Simple solution – and I will not ban you – DON’T READ MY BLOG. I’m more than happy to debate issues with anyone: economic, geopolitical, energy or anything else, but I won’t waste my time – nor that of my readers – with nonsense. Yours included. Although, I do appreciate you elevating me to the level of having the capability of being “one of the reasons we are losing.”

          • “When I “glossed over” “Abe’s” last comment by saying I’d heard it all before, guess what? I’d heard it all before. From him, and countless others.”

            Fine. Prove it. Show where you rebutted these specific issues before. If you did, they clearly you have a case. If you did not, then you bluffed, and had your bluff called. We both know you won’t do this, because it never happened.

            Here is why I don’t believe you. Read how you present yourself to the world.

            “Rat exposes the bias and hypocrisy of the liberal media on a daily basis.
            Take a deep breath and come back with facts and logic – which Rat realizes is a foreign concept to most liberals.
            Or – go hide under your bed. Take along a flashlight and bone up on a few of your favorite liberal talking points so as to be better prepared for your next visit with Rat.”

            If you could make a mockery of Yusuf, you would. If you could mock him mercilessly, you would not hold back. If he said something you could disprove you would jump on it like a hungry lion. You’re not going to pass mocking someone you consider Liberal because you “heard it all before”. That does not fit with the fake bravado and imagined machismo. You would pull no punches, and take no prisoners.

            But you didn’t… You banned him for questioning you… You ran and hid under your bed while telling everyone how tough you were. It is easy to be tough when you control everything, but that is only an illusion, because at heart you’re not tough at all.

            You were right to do so, don’t question that, you would have been humiliated. You don’t even know the difference between liberal and Liberal.

            “Spare me your explanation of “liberal” vs. “Liberal” as well. I’ve found very few “liberals” who are not “Liberals” along the way – how about you?”

            You don’t even know that liberalism is the economic policy that REPUBLICANS advocate. WE ARE LIBERALS!!!!! Liberal economic policies are exactly what Hayek and Friedman wrote about. There is a HUGE difference between liberalism and Liberalism. You have quoted Hayek above, and you do not even know what his economic philosophy is called?!?!?!?

            Your knowledge of the Middle East is disastrous. I know Yusuf because we studied together, in the Middle East. His real name is not Yusuf, he adopted it in Arabic class. I was there during Bush’s tenure, and he was a disaster. As the most Republican person you will likely meet, I can say that President Bush set the US back decades in foreign policy. I disagree with President Obama on a LOT of things, but his foreign policy is not one of them. He is certainly not outstanding, but he is SO much better than Bush, it is difficult not to respect his efforts. But then again I these issues on the ground, which you don’t seem to appreciate.

            Please stop talking, or stop telling people you are a Republican. You’re an embarrassment.

          • Kevin said…”I know Yusuf because we studied together, in the Middle East. His real name is not Yusuf, he adopted it in Arabic class. I was there during Bush’s tenure, and he was a disaster.”
            Who? The disaster was…Yusuf or what’s his unadopted name? I went back up a few comments, never could figure out who Yusuf is supposed to be. I understand fake names…was Top Cat in my day, still had a real name and ID to prove it. Sounds like another “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are.”

          • Sorry, I thought it was clear, both he and I studied at the same location. Both studying the Middle East, but slightly different subjects. I was there after he was, off sync but a semester. It was during President George W. Bush’s tenure, and President Bush’s Middle East policy was a disaster.

            It is not really a fake name, anyone who has studied a foreign language would be familiar with it, I was Manuel in my Spanish days of High School (no Spanish for Kevin I am aware of). Haven’t you studied a foreign language at some point?

          • Yes, you’re much clearer now. But is J. Abraham Yusuf? I missed that somewhere over the two days of comments. And yes I was Jorge. But learning a language and living a life in reality aren’t the same. Hor-heh fit who became Top Cat at the time. I changed my friends because I decided to quit screwing up somewhere along the line. You’ll do well to do the same, mark my word. Wait and see.

          • Joseph in English = Yosef in Hebrew = Yusuf in Arabic. Same name, different pronunciations. You may not like JA, but he is a brilliant thinker, he simply does not tolerate fools well. He is a good friend, and I agree we are measured by the friends we keep. I agree very, very much.

          • Fair enough. Let’s see how the world turns.

  6. Hey Abraham, if you don’t like the satire, just say so, being verbose didn’t win here, sharing ideas does. Perhaps the HuffPo people are into that, I know the TDB would love you. We like ideas, not words.

  7. Was Kevin at the DLI?


  1. “Twelve Reasons Why I Voted Democratic” | The Tree of Mamre

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