Spineless Surrender Monkey John Boehner To Conservatives: We’re Watching Your Votes


John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy

“Was that good, Barack? Did I do okay, Barack?”

I bet John Boehner is a terrible poker player. Hell, I doubt that he could bluff his way out of the proverbial paper bag. Given the Speaker’s latest gutless act of capitulation, is it any wonder that Barack Obama continues to play him and the Republicans like a fiddle in the fiscal cliff (n0n)-negotiations?

As pressure has mounted on House Republicans to abandon their objection to raising taxes on “the rich,” Boehner has at times puffed out his chest and put on his best Barney Fife face, stood before the cameras and told Obama to stick it where the sun don’t shine. Other times – and much more frequently in recent days – Boehner has not only folded up like a cheap lawn chair; he’s all but declared war on his own party.

Earlier this week, Boehner removed four Republicans from key finance committee chairmanships in an obvious power move against conservatives. The excuse? They weren’t “team players.” Team players, Mr. Speaker? Who the hell’s team are you on?

Representative Justin Amash, who lost his Budget committee seat, said that he has not received “a single call, email or text from Republican leadership” regarding the decision:

“I look forward to hearing from my party’s leadership why my principled, conservative voting record offends them. That’s sure to be a lively and entertaining conversation.”

Representative Tim Huelskamp, a Republican from Kansas who lost his assignments on the House Budget and Agriculture committees:

“The message was that there may be more punishment coming. We are watching your votes.” 

Watching their votes? Is this the United States Congress or the Chinese Politburo?

Other members said on Wednesday that in addition to the four conservatives who were stripped of their committee assignments, other “unnamed lawmakers” were warned that their votes need to be more in line with party leadership. Who does John Boehner think he is, Barack Obama?

Who’d a thunk it?

While it’s standard operating procedure for the losing party in a presidential election to take a long look at itself in the mirror as it licks it wounds and attempts to regroup, John Boehner’s actions are astonishing (except for the fact that he’s John Boehner, of course). The 2012 election was a fundamental decision between, a: continuing the transformation of America into a European-style socialist entitlement state, and, b: reaffirming smaller government, free markets and personal liberty. Conservatives stood for the latter. We still do.

While 51% of Americans (for dubious and various reasons) chose “a” – 49% did not. 49% of Americans reaffirmed their beliefs in the principles and values that made America, America. Has John Boehner forgotten this – or did he ever believe it?

Whether Boehner’s actions are simply tactical as he tries to line up support for caving in to Obama – or the week-kneed Speaker is signalling a desire to fundamentally transform the Republican Party into “Democrats Light” –  he is not only a disgrace as Republican House Speaker; he is sadly mistaken. Conservatives will neither go away nor will they be transformed by the likes of Barack Obama and a country run amok. Regardless of attacks from the left – and Boehner himself – the principles of the Tea Party are here to stay.

Amash was equally defiant:

“If they think kicking me off of a committee will lead me to abandon my principles or stifle my bipartisan work toward a balanced budget, I have a message for them: You’re dead wrong.”

Word in Washington has it that not only does Barack Obama want to defeat the Republicans by having them admit that the “Bush tax cuts for the rich” were bad for the country, but that he also wants to destroy the party and its fiscally conservative ideology altogether. Who would’ve thought that a Republican Speaker of the House would be his most effective accomplice?

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  1. I ain’t postin til someone else does. So there! Then you get 35 posters. My sayin’ can wait.

  2. You called it right, Rat. Spineless politics backing down when conservatives own the House. They were voted there exactly to hold the line and their own leader is tearing it down. If you can’t trust your own party to tow the line who can you trust? I want to know what’s in it for Boehner? I want to know how we get him out!

  3. Yes exactly needed, instead we get new Heisman Trophy winner today. Whoever wins will be more deserving than Nobel Peace Prize potus. I do love the sport of football. Played (right) tackle on peewee team in ’52/’53 and ’53/’54. Then on high school intrasquad game in spring training in ’59 caught what would’ve been winning touchdown pass, but tackler who slid off me also pulled down my uniform pants, I was then B team and (right) half back. B team then was minority no one cared about, only wealthy A team got uniforms that fit. Then with my butt down along with knees and uniform at ankles…play was over (oh and we did have Jock straps that were only a few years old, but they were washed form time to time.). Stands roared (all 50 parents) actually they didn’t do the whoopee, only saw play was over, …only I worried they saw me as I really was, nothing to shout about. Is there a lesson there for Congress, administration and govt ? Maybe just carry the ball, don’t be Johnny Wadd and do… well… you know what to the country, be glad you ain’t John Boehner who is (not by himself).

    Forgive my lifes history. Ann Landers isn’t available much anymore. :)

    • Awesome story – and analogy – unit!

      On a somewhat related note, how pathetic (and predictable) is it that the media (and advertisers) are more outraged by a radio crew (and now, their station) who punked the hospital where Kate was recuperating from royal morning sickness than they were about a president who covered up the murder of four Americans in Benghazi?

      • For sure, pathetic and predictable. But the public…Ben who? Ben Bonanza Cartwright or Ben Gazzara? Both wonderful actors likely known by the flat, spread butt tv throng. I guess newer ones now. I better be careful though, about flatness and spreadness…I ain’t jogging while blogging. I would’a been high school football hero, but coach kept putting this right halfback in at left halfback and the less than stellar quarterback kept handing off to my elbow, they’ll never learn (will we?).

  4. I’m still trying to hold out that there is some type of strategy being worked out here, but I am quickly losing hope.

  5. Relative to “who the hells team are you on.” Wish there was some uplifting information somewhere to read, but I haven’t found it. So I guess more warning messages will have to suffice. If it’s a slow day one might read the following…:


    It starts off saying that many in the congress are closet socialists and or communists. When Allen West stated it I just assumed they were dems. Oh well. That could be the team. I’m not saying the author of the above is entirely correct, but………….?

  6. Call your congress rep and demand Boehner be voted out! Reinstate the Tea Party leaders! Tea party should be doing this and so should the rest of us conservatives!

    • NoI’mnolongeramused ither, or either. From what I gather there is no formal nomination event by either, or ither party. Just behind the public view deals. Consensus transparency, huh? I wouldn’t be surprised to see dems vote for Boehner if Teaparty won’t.

  7. Social conservatives are socialist conservatives. They want us to feed their unaborted defects and medicate the HIV of the molestors who propogate their faith. They want their labor unions and oppose anti-feudal Georgist reforms.

    • Well said. Additionally, they’re composed of two groups: the takers, who willfully milk the system for everything they can – and the “givers” (as opposed to the “makers:) who are more than happy to give them as much as possible – particularly other peoples money – to propagate the species.

  8. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:
    JB plays on the same team as Obama. We learned in the last election that many folks either do not realize this, or do not care.

  9. It is the speaker’s job to come up with some form of bi-party – craftsmanship, not continue the gridlock.

    • Seriously? Harry Reid won’t even let O’s ridiculous proposal come to the floor for a vote. It’s BOTH of their jobs to offer serious proposals, Carl – not just Boehner’s. (Incidentally, Boehner DID offer a serious proposal which was rejected out of hand by O.)

  10. Won’t you go home, John Boehner, won’t you go home
    We’ve moaned your whole term long
    You can do some speaking, we won’t pay your green fees
    Ya know you done us wrong

    You remember that closed door deal
    You threw us out….with nothing but a caved in plan
    Ya, you know it now…you know it’s a shame
    John Boehner won’t you please go home

    • Unit the lyricist! Love it. Boehner is looking more and more like Obama’s useful idiot. (Would’ve said “bitch” but wouldn’t want to offend anyone. ;-))

      • Working on Hang down your head John Boehner.

        • Hang down your head and lie!

          • Good line Rat. Will use it.

            Also maybe why he’s so submissive…latter half of this title…”Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley, Your Tie’s Caught In Your Zipper” by the Incredible Bongo Band in 1972. They got something on everybody, don’t mean the Bongo Band! Petraeus syndrome. Petraeus downfall with affair is family tragedy…national tragedy was teaming up with Obama in the first place, with military service he had no choice at the time or retire early…he made choice and so is Boehner. Afraid Boehner’s tie has some stains on it. Don’t know what and don’t care whose physical stains are there. It’s the mental stains of betrayal of the conservatives that won’t be washed out.

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