Race-Hustler Al Sharpton Blames ‘Right-Wing Pundits’ For ‘Stoking Racial Fears’

There are hypocritical jackasses. Then, there are HYPOCRITICAL JACKASSES.

And then, there is AL SHARPTON.

Yes, folks, the blatant hypocrisy in the Trayvon mini-series has hit a new low: race-hustler extraordinaire Sharpton, OF ALL PEOPLE, has blamed “conservative pundits” for “stoking racial fears.” All for “ratings.” By pushing “white grievance.” Yeah, really.

If it weren’t so pathetically preposterous, it would be laughable. Al Frickin’ Sharpton? Accusing ANYONE of “stoking racial fears”? And, “white grievance”? Seriously?

Get a grip, Al, you hypocritical jackass – you’re letting this whole thing drive you crazy. (Yeah, I know, short drive.)

P.S. Is it just me, or does Sharpton always sound drunk?

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10 replies

  1. I bet he won’t mention the latest juror who has spoken with the media and admitted she went into the jury with pre-determined guilt and bias. Zimmerman may have been found guilty due to her emotions. Luck for him that other jurors knew the law and showed her why her bias was illegal.

    • Sharpton and his fellow race-hustlers are so far gone, of course he won’t mention it. Or anything else that doesn’t fit with the race-baiting narrative.

  2. In searching for a reason that may perhaps explain why many black people continue to make poor decisions and live a life of violence while trapped in a cycle of poverty or near-poverty, people far more intelligent than ourselves have lit upon the idea that unstable family lives – caused largely by high teen pregnancy rates – may be a contributing factor. So Mr. Sharpton essentially says, “No, no, that’s not the issue. We’re trying to fix the violence.” So much for trying to get to the root of the issue! I cannot even fathom what he is (hopefully unwittingly) implying: that violence is inherent in the black community. “Come and see the violence inherent in the system!” as one delightful movie would phrase it. I cannot bring myself to even consider such rubbish.

    • The disintegration of the black nuclear family can be traced back to LBJ’s Great Society” when the government began to pay unemployed and underemployed women to have babies out of wedlock. Ironically, Clinton played a major roll in “fixing” Welfare. Then, the community organizer from Chicago came along and all hell broke loose again.

  3. Yes, here on MSNBC is yet another episode of “Backwards World”. Is it a comedy? a drama? maybe horror, no wait it is Fantasy – Fiction as usual. They really need to get some new material.

    You know he is like the cheater that is always blaming his/her partner for cheating because he/she is the one cheating. The Left is always blaming the Right for what the Left is actually doing.

  4. Maybe he is so drunk he forgot he was the one stoking racial fears. : )

  5. I cannot wait till he has a stroke. I hope it happens on live TV.

  6. This is a classic technique of the left, accuse your opponent of exactly what you are doing. With a willing press it usually works.

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