10 Police Cars Chase 40-Yr-Old Man On Stolen Moped – At Blistering Speed Of 25 MPH!

Damn, is this the stuff of “Cops” or what? Ten police cars chased a 40-year-old Indiana man on a moped Friday night – for an hour. The harrowing chase reached top speeds of 25 mph. No word on whether Fox News carried the chase live.

According to the [Fort Wayne] Journal Gazette, police initially stopped the man at about 10:15 p.m. for driving the wrong way on a one-way street. He spoke with an officer briefly but refused to turn off the moped and rode away. The chase was on.

The driver of the stolen moped, later identified as Lagrant Smith, reached blinding speeds of 25 mph and took “numerous” turns in a cagy effort to elude the cops.

After sideswiping two vehicles and evading capture for an hour, Smith hopped off the moped and attempted to flee on foot. He was quickly tasered [tased] and taken into custody.

The saga of the wrong-way moped bandit, who led 10 police cars on a harrowing 60-minute 25 mph chase through the streets of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was over at last.

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11 replies

  1. He was just headed to D.C for 9/11. @25 mph he could’ve made it.

    • Yup, but they tasered the guy first! :-D

      • That should keep him from being charged with the Insurerection Act. Being tasered is like a melt down. You only good for the alligator bucket. :)

    • Hell, unit, with the gas mileage those scooters get, I gotta think O would’ve loved it if he had escaped the cops and ridden all the way to D.C. [That is, assuming “Lagrant” is black. Besides, I bet if O had a cousin, he’d look just like Lagrant anyway.]

      • I was going by the picture. What…. it’s photo created? No could’nt be black…too skinny, and couldn’t out jump the taser. One can’t change skin color with photo created pic (forget the IT term) can they?
        Lagrant, white or black, cuz or not…stealing is in the common denominator…wish o just stole a Moped. Did he ride a bicycle to his job Baskin and Robbins without falling over? Oh forgot, records sealed. Delivered in Choom Wagon. So can he even balance anything, much less the books or national interests?

  2. ROFLMAO This is just too funny!

  3. Well I am glad to see that even the local police are out there protecting us from the terrorists.

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