Incredible Video: 13-Year-Old Handicapped Girl Blows Away X-Factor Judges

You go, girl

As I’ve said before, every once in awhile, an image or video comes along that speaks for itself. This is one of those times. 13-year-old Rion Page’s X-Factor audition will [hopefully] bring tears to your eyes.

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5 replies

  1. If we were tuned in we would see these fabulous people around us. Notice her mothers support. I’ve seen it locally. She probably won’t be Madonna or Miley, nor does she want to be I think.
    Here’s a local girl I’ve know since she was about eight, same motherly support through the years, and a success and loved by all in these parts.

  2. Agree with Simon!! I have learnt a lot from this beautiful little girl today! I am blown away!

  3. Great !
    She got a voice that could match Alison Morrisette in some song, and in Sinead O’connor,
    Or Something similar… Anyway that was Great once again, thank you.

  4. wonderful….I am crying happy tears.

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