Top Obama Advisor: Yeah, ObamaCare Enrollment Numbers Suck, What’s Your Next Question?

Pfeiffer is – and always has been – a political cartoon

Top Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer admitted on ABC’s This Week Sunday that ObamaCare enrollment is running nowhere near the administration’s expectations.

Pfeiffer downplayed Team Obama’s estimation by the Congressional Budget Office that 7 million people would need to enroll in the troubled healthcare plan in order for it to succeed.

”I can promise that the first enrollment numbers, which will be released later this month, are not going to be what we wanted them to be.”

While the normally-cocky Pfeiffer didn’t suggest that the administration has lost hope, he did say that it was just “trying to get as many people done as possible.”

Hey, plenty of people are getting “done,” Dan – just not the way Obama promised.

These “freaking” people drive Rat crazy.


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4 replies

  1. No way. No way that system can be fixed that fast.

  2. I guess when you take the wind out of the sails of people as cocky, and as arrogant, as the Obama administration is fun to watch. These people are NOT used to being on the losing end of anything for the last four years, so a little ego deflation is a good thing.

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