Now The Lesbians Are Asking For Gay Disney Princesses


Cinderella is still my favorite.  Not only does she get to go to a great party, the story involves shoes!

Proof positive that the homosexual paradigm is all about the self.  From an article by Victoria Kallsen for the Daily Campus at the University of Connecticut via NewsBusters:

Will I ever live to see a Disney Princess marry … another Disney Princess? When comic book characters are adapted for animated TV shows, could we keep their sexual preferences intact? Animation for children has remained a wasteland of social conservative garbage with homosexual parents and crushes non-existent with rare exceptions.

Well, gee, don’t know.  Did the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen write any stories with two heroines?  That’s where the majority of the Disney princesses come from. (Cinderella, Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Rapunzel are from the classic European fairy tales.  Belle, Jasmine, Mulan, Pocahontas came from other sources, but no less classic.  And no less heterosexual.)

Those stories were never about homosexuality.  In fact, most of them didn’t end well in the original fairy tale version.  The princess didn’t always land the prince.  And some of them were pretty bloody (Cinderella’s step sisters were so desperate to get the glass slipper on their tootsies, they did permanent bodily damage).

It’s true that Disney does not always stick to the story line and the concept of happily ever after is exploited as a selling point, but why should Disney change that formula – where the princess nabs her prince – just to satisfy the gay lobby?

From Kallsen’s piece:

Simply put, behavior is learned. We learn how to interact and behave from our interactions from others and the messages we see on the screen. This is overwhelmingly important for younger viewers when children aged 2-5 spend over 32 hours on entertainment devices, and children aged 6-11 watch over 28, according to Nielsen.

Simply put, if such behavior is learned, why would parents who wish to instill nature and social tradition in their children allow their little girls to watch a princess land another princess?  The parents are the ones controlling the money (and time on entertainment devices.  I don’t even spend 28 hours a week on entertainment).  All a prince-less Disney film is going to do is cause boycotts, and that’s going to cost Disney money.

When it comes down to it, Disney is about making money, not satisfying loud-mouthed females who seem to think that the entertainment industry should be all about their preferences.  Disney is not going to mess with a winning formula, true to the story or not.  And the prince and princess living happily ever after is a winning formula, realistic or not.

If the LGBT lobby wants homosexual animated movies so badly, they can produce and distribute them themselves, and let the world know when it turns a profit.

We won’t be holding our breaths.

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12 replies

  1. You’re right. The original stories are often pretty grusome and not really for children, in my opionion. I’m glad Disney gave them a not so gruesome happy ending. Learning to be a lesbian is also Not for children. The world is a hard enough place without shoving that in their little faces. I like Cinderella too and also Snow White.

  2. I thought they were born that way?

    Sounds like Sheila Jackson-Lee saying hurricanes should be given “black-sounding” names – now if Rush came up with the idea…

  3. They’ve already got them in Japan.

  4. Apparently this lady hasn’t heard of the Internet. If you want to see pictures of Ariel kissing Snow White, you can find them in the bowels of this vast wasteland.

  5. how dare??? an oppressed minority want rePreSEnTATioN???? mind es explode. how dare those LeSbiANs!!!!

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