Friday Scandal Dump: Political Corruption, Featuring Senators Reid And Lee


Why release the charges against both of them at the same time?

To put it mildly, it was a bit of a shock to open up the Drudge Report this morning and see the banner headline that the Department of Justice pulled the FBI off of an an investigation that targeted Harry Reid.

Not many people knew he was under investigation.

Read the story a little farther and of course it’s not just Harry Reid that the Department of Justice is not investigating, but Senator Mike Lee for possibly providing inaccurate information on the  short sale of property to a campaign contributor and federal contractor, something that is not illegal.

WTF?  Of all the dirty dealing in politics THIS is what the FBI was probing?  Yes, I know this was at the request of prosecutors in Utah, but not accurately reporting short selling a house?

At first blush, the political right may well say, If there’s any wrong doing, Lee needs to go.  And Reid needs to go just because he needs to go.  No arguments here, but before throwing too many stones through the glass house, consider:

  • This information came out on a Friday, which is the typical dumping day for information that is meant to either be buried OR (and this is more likely) be the cover for something else.  Such stuff festers all weekend.
  • First impressions in politics last regardless of the whole truth and whether or not people clear their names.  There are countless examples just from the current Crimea affair that demonstrate this.
  • The GOP establishment has not been shy about wanting to shut down the TEA Party and Mike Lee is one of the four known TEA leadership assets in the senate along with Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Rand Paul.  He is also the softest target of the four.
  • Not many people know much about Utah politics.  Being Mormons, the impression is that the place should be squeaky clean, but according to comments on a HotAir story, this is not the case.
  • Most importantly, though, a VERY, VERY serious charge against Harry Reid not covered in these probes was made again yesterday.  One that, if true, could be more than a little damaging to multiple political careers.  (There are multiple sources, but all are anonymous.  As any good editor knows, those are dangerous.)  Although, the fact that the charge came out at all could explain the sudden uptick in attacks on the victims of ObamaCare and the Koch Brothers.

In the Washington Times article, there’s quite a bit more information on the charges against Harry Reid that ARE under investigation – quid pro quo and changing a vote on online gambling.  There’s some kind of there there, and it’s the sort of thing that one would expect from corrupt officials.

The headlines and this:

The probe, conducted by one Republican and one Democratic state prosecutor in Utah, has received accusations from an indicted businessman and political donor, interviewed other witnesses and gathered preliminary evidence such as financial records, Congressional Record statements and photographs that corroborate some aspects of the accusations, officials have told The Washington Times and ABC News.

But the Justice Department’s public integrity section — which normally handles corruption cases involving elected figures — rejected FBI agents’ bid to use a federal grand jury and subpoenas to determine whether the accusations are true and whether any federal crimes were committed by state and federal officials.

just seem strange when there is an administration hell bent on shredding not just the country’s founding documents, but the entire Republican Party.  In that context, NOT investigating Harry Reid is one thing. But, why refuse to investigate Lee?

Something doesn’t add up.

This whole episode smells.  Someone, somewhere decides to go after Mike Lee because he sold a house to a friend who happens to be a federal contractor at a loss to his mortgage bank THAT THE BANK HAD TO APPROVE?   What’s illegal about that?

Harry Reid was trading political favors for fundraising…so what’s new?

Throw in the details regarding Utah’s Attorney General, and there’s a huge knot of crap and basic corruption.  The governors in Illinois have done far worse.

Yes, an investigation needs to happen on all of these charges, but why release the information in this manner AT THIS TIME.  That Eric Holder’s Justice Department is refusing to look into BOTH sets of charges, not just the ones against Reid, raises a HUGE red flag.  (Jeez, the Regime is going after conservatives any way they can.  Why not take advantage of this golden opportunity?)

It’s easy to assume that Lee is being thrown out there to throw the scent off Reid, killing a few birds with one story, but it seems like there’s something more.

Is Lee the first of the four horsemen of the TEA-pocalypse to be picked off?

Is Harry Reid REALLY guilty of something far, far worse than political corruption and is this a red herring?

Stay tuned.  Any, all or none of the above may be true.

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7 replies

  1. I live in Lee’s district, for the time being until I make a move to Texas (this Spring) & a better climate, weather-wise & politically since our establishment GOP seems hell bent on collaborating with that thing in the White House on healthcare & a few other little but important things.
    Lee is above board. It’s a smear but it won’t work against him.
    As far as being “squeaky clean”. Salt Lake City (another urban region ruled by Dems), along with Denver, have always been known for substantial incidents of white collar crime; if that’s any indication of normality compared to the rest of the nation.
    Reid was a friend of Lee’s family when he was growing up, so Reid is partially responsible for being an inspiration for Lee’s political career & definitely a reason why Lee is a Constitution-loving patriot. Lee is also very sharp & isn’t stupid enough to make even the smallest mistake. The GOP & Dems can attack him all they please, he’ll continue to be supported in his district. If, for no other reason, there’s no one that could be considered his peer in performance here.
    That said, religion & “morality” are no indicators of corruption or lack thereof. Lee’s being smeared by Utah’s GOP & the Dems DeptofJustice as a combined package in connection with Utah’s former & disgraced GOP Attorney General, John Swallow.

    • Yes, but why? There’s something else out there.

      • Why is Lee being attacked? Because he is a Tea Party Movt favorite & doesn’t tow the GOP party line. Because he supported Cruz last Fall in his Dr. Seus filibuster & govt shutdown which scared the gutless Establishment, even though there were no detrimental economic or national effects from the shutdown.
        There is nothing that the Establishment of both major parties won’t do to keep hold of their power. Most aren’t sharp enough to go along with a winning situation, which the shutdown could have been if they’d jumped on board.
        Why a smear starting in Utah? Because the Tea Party has forced out several whining Establishment politicians & Sen. Hatch was barely re-elected last time. People with principles scares them to death.

        • Yes, but if Reid is being investigated, dragging Lee into it is a cover.

          And I do think he is the first of the four big name horsemen of the TEA-pocalypse the establishment is going to try to pick off.

          • Reid may be investigated I’ll guarantee you that he’s dotted his “i’s” crossed his “t’s”.
            All this is a small tempest in a teapot, but any investigation pulls other things in like little tornadoes.
            All the info isn’t out there yet regarding “an investigation” & there are also reports that Lee isn’t being investigated & that there are just collateral issues happening that are part of the Reid investigation, that came to light.

        • It’s a general smear & it’s a common powerplay. Hatch is very, very powerful; with a lot of connections & clout.

  2. Reblogged this on My views on Obama and Islam and commented:
    Once again the mainstream media will shuffle these issues off to the side and bury them under other sensational news blips. But the issues are sill very real. And they are significant to many who really care to know.

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