So Long, Katie


I would like to play in her closet and jewelry box, though

Well, that was…fast.  Get ObamaCare out the door and WHAM!  The door slams and she’s gone.

As the news of Kathleen Sebelius’ reported resignation, then confirmed resignation, then replacement nominee being named hummed across the Fox all-star panel last night, multiple off the cuff things were said, mostly a job performance review – she was in a job for which she was not qualified, there had been rumors circulating, she was perfectly charming – it all started to come together.

The Obama Administration’s How To Dress For Success Barbie Doll is no longer needed.  The job for which she was most likely hired – selling ObamaCare to the insurance companies – is either done or screwed up beyond repair.  It was time to go.  Who’s choice it was to pull the trigger now – that may come out later, but for now, we’ll call it a team decision.  At a guess, Katie had had enough, and who can blame her.  She had one of the worst jobs in all of Washington under Obama.  Anyone with a brain would want out, too.  A successive nominee was named awfully fast for the White House not to have known enough in advance to get Sylvia Mathews Burwell vetted.  The only question is how long the talks have been ongoing.

Not that it is any great shock with the rolling disaster that is the Affordable Care Act and all of its components, including the website, but seriously, did anyone honestly think even the very polished Kathleen Sebelius was going to be able to sell that pig in a poke?  She’s good, but not that good.

There was just something strange about having Kathleen Sebelius who was always put together, always so effortlessly elegant, among a bunch of women who put zero effort into their appearance, and have her be the face of such an awful piece of legislation and website.  It was as if her presence gave it class.  Yeah, it just doesn’t work that way.

Oh, well.  That’s done.

Good luck, Katie.  Really.  And, please, visit your bishop.  Confession is REALLY good for the soul.

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