Meet Another Rancher Who’s Pretty ‘Fed Up’ With Being Harrassed By The Federal Government

John Ladd and his ancestors have been ranchers in the border town of Bisbee, Ariz. since 1896. While Ladd loves his life and his ranch, he’s also dealing with a growing problem:

Government agents have been trespassing on his property for decades. He says the problem is only getting worse, and he’s had enough:

“I’m tired of putting up with the federal government and border patrol and anyone else who thinks they have the right to come on to my ranch and do whatever they want. That’s the bottom line.”

Ladd’s ranch is just a few miles north of the Arizona-Mexico border. He says that when he was growing up, the border was no more than an afterthought. But in 1980s, everything changed.

“Border Patrol showed up in the late ‘80s, early 90s. The border wasn’t a big deal to me [before], but now it is. It dominates my livelihood and my life because I deal with it every day.”

So how much does it dominate Ladd’s life?

“They monitor my movements every day. I’m questioned daily about what I’m doing. They call me [saying,] ‘Are you down here? Are you doing this? What truck are you in?’ That’s none of your business. I’m working my ranch.”

Ladd says border patrol agents completely disregard – and even take down – gates and fences marking off his territory.

On one hand, it’s good to know that border patrol agents are actually searching for illegals entering the country.

On the other hand, given that Ladd’s ranch is several miles from the Mexican border, if the border were secured, John Ladd could go back to running his ranch without concern over trespassers and the apparently endless scrutiny of the federal government.

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7 replies

  1. Just a little more info that even the msm is showing, local.

  2. They’ll take Bundy. What has it cost already, and until the end to round up family and 900 cows? Probably kill them all. Will one illegal alien go missing?

  3. On local TV they had a short segment of ranchers here also being harassed by the Feds, environmentalists behind it, apparently.

    Like with the situation in Ukraine, I don’t really understand especially the Nevada issue. Still, I can’t imagine the government threatening to use that kind of force against illegal aliens.

    Glenn Beck warn against violence, I agree. On the other hand I hate that he suggests – as he did many times in the past – that we have right-wing extremists on our side. And that they are as evil as the far left – I can imagine the Left love hearing him say such things. I’ve heard about white supremacists and a Nazi party in Calfornia, but I don’t think they consider themselves conservatives. And Beck should not link them with the American Right. Otherwise, I don’t know who he is talking about because I don’t think people standing up in support of the Bundies were in the wrong.

    Anyway, Reid says it ain’t over, so we shall see what he, Obama and Holder have in store for us “right-wingers.”


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