Reporter Asks Obama If Dems Should Campaign ‘Loudly’ On ObamaCare: He Answers By Attacking Republicans


Petty little man

During a Thursday press conference, a reporter asked President Obama if Democrats should now run on ObamaCare – given that it supposedly achieved its goal of 7 million enrollees by the end of March. Obama answered by promptly attacking Republicans.

POLITICO REPORTER: “Is it time for Democrats to start campaigning loudly and positively on the benefits of ObamaCare? Will you lead that charge?”

OBAMA: “I think there is a strong, good, right story to tell. I think what the other side is doing and what the other side is offering would strip away protections from those families and from hundreds of millions of people who already had health insurance before the law passed, but never knew if the insurance company could drop them when they actually needed it, or women who were getting charged more just because they were a woman.

I’m still puzzled why they made this their sole agenda item when it comes to our politics. It’s curious.”

Really, O? Your’e “puzzled” as to why “they” made this there “sole agenda item”? You mean like your obsession with raising the minimum wage – when even the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office predicts that doing so would cost the country at least 500,0000 jobs? But, hey, you get a pass, right? I mean, hell, you’re pandering to the low (or no) information voter between now and November in hopes of saving Democrats the disaster that most likely awaits them, right?

Besides, why the need to immediately attack Republicans, if there is such a strong, good, right story to tell? Is it that you just can’t stop yourself from reverting to constant (attack) campaign mode?

In my previous life as a sales manager in the financial services industry, I reminded my team on a regular basis: Don’t attack the competition; tell your clients what is good about your recommendations. Seems to me that lesson applies to a whole lot more than sales. Unless you have a lousy product, that is.

What a disingenuous petty little man.

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  1. Reporter should have asked do you want to contribute the methane problem by campaigning loudly on Obamacare?

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