Poll Says That Dating Women Prefer Men Who Drive Practical Cars


Doesn’t impress the ladies, eh Bowling for Soup?
Forgot that it was a Jag.  Ahh, the 80’s

There are few things in American culture that say more about a person than the car he or she drives.  To that end, AnastasiaDate – a dating service matching Russian women with western men – commissioned a study to determine what sort of car dating women prefer their men to drive.  Thus the New York Post has this headline today:

Drive a Prius, not a Porsche if you want to attract the ladies


“guys who really want to attract women should be driving a Prius.

Sexy models draped over sports cars at the New York Auto Show aside, most women prefer a man who drives something more practical….

While the idea on practicality is sort of true, what driving a Prius says about a man is that he is a pious lefty, not anything about practicality. Who the heck wants to live with pious, lefty impracticality?  In addition, Priuses require a lot of fuel, recharging, a lot of maintenance on the battery, and do not have much in the way of hauling capacity.  If a man is going to go with not so energy efficient practicality that says I’m fun to be around and like to camp, get an SUV.

Porsche, on the other hand, says that the driver may have lots of cash, but lacks the imagination to own something handcrafted and Italian, a McLaren, a vintage Bentley Continental or a 1961 Corvette convertible with white racing swooshes and a white interior….  Guys like that don’t watch Top Gear, either.  (Those of us who do, say Prius correctly – PRY-us.)

But I digress.

So anyway the results of this study have been bouncing around the internet for a week or so and it seems that it says that “women prefer a man who drives a sensible car, because it reflects his level of stability. And a third (32 percent) of women believe that the type of car a guy drives determines what kind of family man he will be – a guy who drives a sedan, for example, may be preferred over one who sports a Ferrari.

Well, yeah, but a Ferrari says, “I can be a good provider.”  Sedan says, zzzzzzzz, I’m a company man, and I do not fish.  The Cadillac and Lincoln variety of sedan say “stuffy.”  (Okay, that’s CL’s take on things.)
In addition:

When women were asked to select all of the traits that a man’s car indicates about him:

  • Almost half (48 percent) of women say that a guy’s car reflects his economic status.
  • Forty-six percent say that it reflects the guy’s image of himself.
  • Eleven percent believe that the car reflects the guy’s feelings on having a family.
  • An additional 11 percent think that it reflects his future plans.

A study was needed to come up the hard numbers, I guess, because this is no-brainer territory.  Women know this.  Did the guys not?

It is interesting to read what others think we all should be taking into account when looking for mates and why.  Just be careful of the guy who buys the minivan before dating.  Yeah, no.

As with everything else, what one drives can be an expression of self, self-worth and/or worth.  Sexy models may sell a car to men, but won’t sell the man to women.

Just a little soimething to remember.

 Guys, in the USA, SUVs and trucks are manly and practical.  Something to consider.

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8 replies

  1. TRUCKS!!! YES, YES, YES! Dually’s with good strong diesels! That says practical to me! :-D

  2. Uhhhhhh, let’s see…..I actually own 3 cars, a Kia Spectra, a Buick Century but I mostly drive my little shit car, a Ford Escort. Is there any hope for me, CL?!! Oh boy…

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