VIDEO: Reince Priebus Takes On Harry Reid. Calls Him Dirty And Unethical

Good for you, Mr. Priebus

Say what you will about the job Reince Priebus is doing as Republican National Committee Chair, he knows how to pick his targets.  Today’s target is Harry Reid and Mr. Priebus is clearly not happy with Dingy Harry these days.  He claims that Reid has been abusing his position…okay, he joins a whole lot of people saying that.   The primary complaints against Reid regard using taxpayer funded websites and social media for partisan purposes.  He is not using separate accounts for this.  (Come on, Harry, it’s not as if Twitter and Facebook charge for a basic account.)  Yes, they are starting small, but as Mr. Priebus says, you have to start somewhere.

The letter charging ethics violations came out of Louisiana and is currently sitting in Senators Boxer and Isaacson’s offices.  (Who knows if it will leave Boxer’s office.)  With all luck there will actually be discussion on Harry’s ethics, or lack of them, but not counting on it.

Steve Doocy challenges Sen. Reid to come on Fox News and refute the charges at the end of the video.  We all join Steve in not holding our breath that that will ever happen.

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7 replies

  1. I was at the grocery looking for stain remover for my undies. Couldn’t remember brand name produce Mr. Clean. Inquired of aisle stackers…”where is the Reince Priebus?”

  2. @ sarafina. Prayers are working. Heard from MA this morning, they mending. Be back when can. Not done. :)

  3. Too little too late, I have had it with the spineless jellyfish old guard republicans. I think it is the end of their party AGAIN! They don’t learn from past mistakes and that is why we are in the 3rd rendition of the party!

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