What To Do With Leftover Peeps

peeps033_1331304121Sticky little critters that just don’t seem to want to go away

So, here we are a week past Easter and the kids’ baskets are STILL loaded with the junk they just won’t eat.  The Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs and Peppermint Patty Eggs are long gone (but there’s a lot of those little chocolate footballs that seem to last until Mother’s Day).  The one thing, though, that is there for the duration, or at least until next Easter, is the package of Peeps that somebody bought in a fit of nostalgia.

What to do with them since they seem to have the same life span as a cockroach….

Over the years, there have been some great and creative suggestions.


peeps periodic table

A Periodic Table, clearly demonstrating the basic necessity of carbon to life on earth.  It’s the letter C up on the top right row.
(Is there an element for impossible to eat marshmallow on there?)

Peeps solar syste,

Why not make a Solar System out of the little critters?  Our planet is billions of years old.  Peeps can probably last that long.


Peeps pinata


Piñata anyone?

peeps rubiks cube

I used to know how to solve one of these.

peeps hot air balloon

Up, Up and Away….


peeps Van Gogh

Actually an improvement on the original, although Van Gogh probably would have eaten it.

peeps last supper

Now, that’s just sacreligious.


peeps pink panther

Still one sweet panther.

peeps obama

How’d that get in there?


peeps hat

Think the Queen of England would wear it?

peeps dress

Better than some prom dresses out this year.

peeps pikini

Well, that’s one way to attract the boys on the beach.


Peeps wreath

peeps wine cork

Yeah, no.  Not with dry wine.

peeps tower

peeps sushi

Sushi, anyone?

peeps s'mores

As a former Girl Scout…no.  S’mores can only be improved with dark chocolate.


Sing along….”All We Are Saying, Is Give Peeps A Chance…”

More great Peeps ideas at BuzzFeed and Peeps Show

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  1. Paul Ehrlich asked that question in 1968, ‘The Population Bomb.’

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