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Rat’s a left-wing loon’s worst nightmare, creeping around in the shadowy crevasses of their tormented minds they don’t like to visit in the middle of the night. Rat stops by as often as he can – which is pretty much all of the time. In addition to gleefully exposing the hypocrisy of liberals on a daily basis, a favorite target of Rat’s is the “Political Lie” – which he incisively defines as:

“Liberals saying things they know aren’t true for the sole purpose of exploiting the “less than informed” for political gain.”

Another of Rat’s favorite targets is the blatant bias of the sycophantic liberal media. (Can we please stop referring to these pretend-journalists as the “mainstream” media?) The lapdogs of the Obama Media Group are more arrogant and bitter than ever and Rat’s all over them.

Rat is also co-editor of The Constitution Club and a contributing member of Red State. His articles have been featured on Forbes.com, The Dallas Morning News, Fuse, Newsvine, The Times of India, Discovery News and a host of other sites, but you can always read him here first.

Rat has a sarcastic wit and a caustic sense of humor. If he offends you, chances are you deserve it. This leaves you, of course, with two viable options:

1. Take a deep breath and come back with facts and logic – which Rat realizes are foreign concepts to most liberals.

2. Go hide under your bed with the dust bunnies. Take along a flashlight and bone up on a few of your favorite liberal talking points, though, so you’ll be better prepared for your next visit with Rat.

Liberal hypocrisy knows no bounds, America – jump aboard the Rat Express and join us in the fight!

While Rat loves to mix it up with the best of them, vile language and abusive name-calling will get your comments deleted and your ass booted from Rat’s Right! immediately.


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