Politics and Prostitution

The Power Of Mythical Wire Hangers

Contributed by Cultural Limits – The Constitution Club It’s a good thing Joan Crawford never protested on the pro-choice side Note to the “womyn” (musn’t  have “men” in there, you  know) of Texas,who are desperately trying to protect the rest… Read More ›

Meanwhile, Back At The Bromance

Is there trouble in Bromanceland? The budding relationship between Chris Christie and Barack Obama that began soon after Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Jersey Shore looks like it’s on the rocks. During a visit to a Republican stronghold for one… Read More ›

The Price Of Immorality

Contributed by Cultural Limits – The Constitution Club Vanity of vanities all is vanity  — Ecclesiastes It is human nature to want to be relevant.  To know that to the world we are important.  It does not matter who we… Read More ›


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