The Seductive Temptress

The modern political persuasion called Liberalism can be compared to a beautiful, seductive temptress. Alluring and destined to feel good for a while but after a fling with this wily ideology one is left realizing that the intoxicating goddess was… Read More ›

The Right Side Of History

Contributed by Dave the Sage – The Constitution Club Time and time again I have been accused of being on the “wrong side of history” when it comes to the arguments over abortion and, especially, to so-called gay marriage. This… Read More ›

What IS Marco Rubio Up To?

Will talk about anything but amnesty and the Chris Christie controversy In the last week, Republican Senator Marco Rubio has been making the rounds on FOX, CNN, at the American Enterprise Institute, and even starring in his very own video with the message that “The… Read More ›

Happy 25th, Rush!

Rush Limbaugh celebrated the 25th anniversary of his number-one-rated nationally syndicated radio talk show Thursday. Liberals have rued the day from the beginning. Dittos, my friend.

An Open Letter To Liberals

Dear Liberals, I wanted to send along my condolences in regards to the rough week you guys have had. Now that the Boston Marathon bombers have been officially identified as Muslim terrorists, I can only imagine how heartbroken you must… Read More ›


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